2007 St. Patrick’s Day

Today as I was on campus with my family, we saw a lot of people dressed up in green for St. Patrick’s Day. At first, I was wondering why so many people were dressing up in green but when I saw the shamrock I realized it was Paddy’s Day.

This got me thinking… how many holidays lose their meaning over time?

Just look at Easter and Christmas. We have relegated these holidays to a celebration without the original meaning. We have come a long way from Christ’s birth and resurrection to now just celebrating the beginning of Spring and the giving of gifts to people.

St. Patrick is a man worth remembering because he brought the Gospel to Ireland in the 5th century. I am just curious to find out what some of those students would say if I asked them why people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day… I have a funny feeling that they will not know.
Green River for St. Pat's Day.jpg
The Chicago River dyed in green… what people will do to celebrate a holiday that has lost its meaning.