2007 Lent Reflections – Day 8

We are truly creatures of habit. It is amazing how we do so many things in life out of habit. There have been many times when I started driving out of my home and then only to find myself driving in the wrong direction. I start going down a certain road because that is the path that I take daily to go to the office. Strange… but it happens now and then.

This is what kind of happened this week… maybe this is more of a confession. But within this first week, I messed up on my commitment for Lent. I had to confess to my family because we decided we were going to keep each other accountable to our commitment for Lent. They were very gracious, but I will tell you they were firm in making sure that I don’t mess up again.

In fact, even when the boys and I were out for the last couple of days… they made sure that I stuck to my commitment. I realize the power of accountability. I am more motivated as I realized that my kids are staying true to their commitments to God.