Valentine’s Poem

Christina reminded me the other day that the first Valentine “present” that I gave to her was a NLT Bible. How spiritual huh? Ha! I guess I directed her to the 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a passage in a little Post-It note inside the Bible. Wow… that was like 12 years ago when we were courting.

I am so thankful for Christina. I think I am more in love with her now, than I was 10 years ago.
I guess this is what people mean when they say that “love grows deeper as the years pass by.”

Therefore, as a tribute to Christina, I wrote a poem for her. I hope she reads it… she is always saying, “I am too busy to read your blog!” 🙂 But I will direct her to it today.

There a lot of things that are sure in life…
But nothing is greater than finding someone you can call your wife.

Many years ago, I stood before God and made a vow.
I promised to love you and provide for you, even though I did not know how.

Over the years my love for you has flourished…
Because of all the ways my soul has been nourished.

You were there beside me through thick and thin,
Especially in the midst of all my sin.

You whispered words of amazing grace,
As you gave me your warm unconditional embrace.

You have been the wind beneath my wing.
You are still the one that makes my heart sing.

I am still amazed and left to wonder why…
You would love me until the day I die.

In many ways, I feel like we have just begun
Because of all the ways that we can still have fun.

Many times you have brightened up my day with your smile
And what can I say about your unique style.

Your heart of sacrifice humbles me…
As it opens my heart and sets me free.

I am a man blessed beyond measure
Because God has blessed me with a great treasure.

I have seen more of Christ on your face,
As we are journeying together to finish the race.

I promised you that we will be together until we are old and grey…
We can do it, as we stick together and pray.

I recommit my vow to you today…
And show you how much I love you in every way.

So on this Valentine’s day…
I just want to say…

Forever my love…
That came from God above…
You will always have my heart…
Until death do us apart.

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