New Year’s Day ‘07

Yesterday, our family had some of our staff and executive team members over for our traditional New Year’s Day lunch (now we are in our 9th year). It was pretty funny looking at the food table. We had the international flavors of food on display – Korean, Mexican, American, and some fusion-oriented stuff.

The whole day started off by trying to teach the kids how to say, “Happy New Year” in Korean so that they can call their grandparents and greet them in the mother-tongue. In Korean it is, “sae hae bok mahn-hi ba-duh-sae-yo.” It was hilarious… you should have seen Elliot. He kept on repeating the 9 syllable phrase over and over again. When he thought he got it down pat, he kept on saying, “Hurry up daddy and call now!” (while under his breath he kept on repeating, “Sae hae bok mahn-hi ba-duh-sae-yo”)… haha!

After the game and then some cleaning, we gathered together as a family and prayed to close out the first day of the new year.

It was a good way to start off the new year (minus the football game).
New Year's gathering.jpg
Just chillin’… but we had so many kids running around.
Pete and Me wtih Tea.jpg
I was introducing Pastor Pete to the tea that I purchased in China – as you can see, the smiles tell it all

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