NU Church Plant Update – 7.2.06

Since we had the AMI Revolution Conference here in Ann Arbor, we decided to meet up here instead of Chicago. Many people could not come to the conference therefore we just had a planning meeting with a handful of us. We finalized the rest of the summer schedule and then we tried to strategize for the new academic school year.

Sometimes it is hard to plan for something that we have no idea of how things will turn out. We do not know how many people will be coming out to our church. We do not have a consistent place to meet. I guess this is where faith comes in as we try to do this church plant. But one thing that we are passionate about is evangelism. Therefore, we are positioning ourselves so that we will be able to reach out to the new students that will be coming to campus this September.

By the end of our planning session, we got a sense that it really has to be the Lord that will start this church. Therefore, all we can do is to pray and trust in His leading. When God gives us the “vision” He will give us the “pro-vision” because God is for the vision.

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