Irene Chung’s Debut

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Voices

Irene Chung, one of our members has expressed her desire to use her passion and talent for music to build up God’s Kingdom. Often times, what starts off as a dream can become our destiny as we stay focused on our calling. I want to do my part in encouraging people who have a dream to make a difference for Christ.

If we are going to see the transformasphere movement become a reality, then we need to create space for people who have a passion and talent for the arts and media.

I just want to give Irene some props and some exposure as she desires to make a difference with her music for the Kingdom of God. You go girl!
Irene Chung Debut.jpg
Here are some clips of her original songs:

Cloak of Jesus

The Cure

Healing Parade