The Twitter Sensation

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I am amazed at how quickly Twitter is taking over the communication world. For a lot of people, it is like a micro blog. The beauty of Twitter is that it only gives you 140 characters to type a message or an update. This disciplines you to share only what is important; and also it is convenient to update more regularly on the happenings of your life.

You can set it up so that the Tweets (the messages sent on Twitter) are directly sent to your phone as a text message. I am realizing that text messaging or SMS is here to stay. In fact, I am finding myself connecting with people more through text messages than through a phone call or even e-mails at various times. When you are not able to use your phone, it is just easier to read a text message. It saves time! Think about all the time it takes to check your voicemail and then call that person back.

With the useful technology of Twitter, we have decided to use Twitter to communicate to our church members. We have started up a HMCC account.

We will be sending various announcements and reminders through Twitter. Most importantly, if there are emergencies or information that you need to know right away, then you will be able to receive it in real time through Twitter. It will be definitely faster through a text message than finding the time to check e-mail.

Be one of the first ones to sign up.

The Car of the Millennium

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I grew up with Mattel’s Hot Wheels. I remember just playing with the die-cast metal cars for hours and imagining I was a race car driver. Also, as I was growing up, I idolized Speed Racer and pretended to have my own Mach 5. Do you remember what all those buttons did on his steering wheel? Only true Speed Racer fans would know… haha!

I also, made model cars and painted them for display. Bottom line, I was a car fanatic. Therefore when I saw the new $1.4 million Lamborghini Reventon, my jaws dropped.

They have stated that only 20 of these cars will be made for sale to only “friends and collectors.” Show me the money!

The Reventon has a 650-horsepower engine and it is made completely of carbon fiber laid over a carbon fiber and steel frame. They have even engineered the instrument panel to stimulate a modern jet, which is made up of liquid crystal and it shows a G-force display revealing longitudinal forces in a 3-D image. Incredible!

I just thought I would share this joy with all of you. Do you think we can rent this car out at Enterprise Car Rental? j/k.
Here are the pictures of the car:
Lamborghini 08Reventon1.jpg
This car can definitely go under a semi-truck
Lamborghini 08Reventon3.jpg
What you will see once it passes you up in the highway
Lamborghini 08Reventon2.jpg
The closest I will ever get in stepping inside this car
Lamborghini 08Reventon4.jpg
Speed Racer’s Mach 5 is still better

Make-Shift Mini Office

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In the future, I hope that cities that are planning on making new airports would make sure that they are forward thinking and build mini-cubicals and include a lot of electrical outlets. There is nothing more frustrating to a traveler than not having enough outlets to charge up their computers and other electronic devices.

I envisioned this idea of airports having these mini-offices when I found myself using phone booths as my make-shift office. There is one in particular that has an electrical outlet. I have purchased an adapter which turns one outlet into three (I usually make friends with strangers this way in my travels – they are so thankful).

But they definitely have to make the area a bit bigger.

Here is a picture of the phone booth in DTW. In the future we will go completely wireless – even with charging equipment.
Mini Office.JPG

Future Technology

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Do you remember the movie, Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise? I remember watching the scene where Cruise used a glove and a big glass screen to move various computer applications. I was thinking to myself, “We are going to have that kind of technology some day.” Now, four years later, we have the beginning stages of what is going to be a reality soon.

Technology and Church have somewhat of an anomalous relationship. When there is too much technology in the Church, some people get suspicious and even try to lay the charge that “we are becoming too much like the world.” When some churches lag behind, they become ineffective and lose the cutting edge in reaching a whole new generation. Do we need a balance? Possibly.

But why is it that the Church is always the last one to hop on the train? This is the reason why we have been accused of always copying the world. What would it be like if the Church came up with some of the newest high-tech discoveries? What would it be like if the world began to look to the Church for insights and ideas? We cannot let the world out-do the Church!

Check out this new technology that I can definitely see the Church utilizing for spreading the Gospel. It is called a touch-driven computer screen. Absolutely incredible!

One day, sermons will be given with a 3D holographic image of Moses splitting the Red Sea, or Paul preaching at Areopagus… or how about visiting Golgotha and actually being able to witness the crucifixion… it will be very sobering to say the least.

What’s Under This Category?

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Things that are trendy and that might possibly make history – things that are new (“no one has ever done that before” kind of things) and people who are trendsetters (go against the flow) – I get inspired by these things