Persona Series

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Photo by HMCC-AA Publications Team
We started a new series called, “Persona” this past Friday at Access, our gathering for college students. The dictionary defines, “persona” as, “a person’s perceived or evident personality, as that of a well-known official, actor, or celebrity,” “personal image or public role”. We all know how our public image does not always match up with our personal/private image. This is why we all struggle with issues of hypocrisy, authenticity and honesty.

As we started the night, it was exciting for two reasons: 1) The gathering place was packed and filled with students who were hungry for God; 2) Diana, one of our staff members, under HMCC’s pastoral covering, shared God’s Word.

I can’t wait until we can get the message online so that people can listen to it. Even though this was her first time, God used Diana powerfully as she shared God’s heart about authenticity and honesty. She set the example of being brutally honesty and vulnerable by sharing from her own personal life. I am praying that God will raise up more college students with character of honesty and authenticity.

As I have said many times before, “Our CHARACTER is the CONTAINER that CARRIES our CONVICTIONS.” If our convictions and dreams are big, then we need a bigger container. So let’s get busy building up our character for Christ.

Commitment Until Death

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Whenever I see or read stories about couples who have been married for a long time and how they are still in love, it inspires me. Many people do not fully understand the level of commitment that is required when they say their wedding vows on their wedding day. For some people, it is just a formality. For others, they genuinely say it, but do not know the fully extent of what is required.

When things are good, everyone is happy. But when things are bad, it challenges the commitment that was made on the wedding day.

With each passing year, I am humbled to know that my wife, Christina made that commitment to me. Through all the ups and downs, she has remained a steady rock in my life. I am inspired.

This video shares a little bit of my heart for the woman I said, “I do” to in front of God, our families and our friends.