The Reward of Reading

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Recently, the kids and I had a talk. We decided that throughout the summer they will read a handful of key books in exchange for their allowance. I first got this idea from John Maxwell, the leadership guru. I heard a talk that he gave about how his parents gave him money for reading books when he was growing up.

I will never forget how he shared personally about his parents’ philosophy about chores and getting allowance. John Maxwell’s parents didn’t believe in giving allowance for chores because they did not want to reward their kids for doing something that they should already be doing, since they are part of the family.

When I first heard this, it really went against what I learned. In fact, initially, it was a bit counter-intuitive. Many people have been raised to get allowance for doing chores around the house, whether it was taking out the garbage or doing the vacuum.

But this was not the philosophy of the Maxwells.

Instead, John’s dad gave him money (allowance) for reading books and then giving a written report on it. The more I thought about it, the more I came to the realization that John’s dad was “reinforcing” the importance of a habit that will allow John to get ahead in life.

John’s dad could have “reinforced” the habit of doing chores, but he didn’t because it was something expected from every member of the household. John Maxwell learned and began to see doing chores more of a responsibility rather than getting something out of it. Smart.

This got me thinking.

There are many things that I have to do as a responsibility that I do not necessarily get “rewarded” for doing. It is just something that I know that I have to do as a husband, father, and pastor. Therefore, if I only do it because I am getting paid to do it, then it will not be a good thing.

After talking with Christina, we have decided to reward our kids for doing something that we want them to continue to grow in, so that they will have many opportunities in the future to make a difference for Christ. This is going to be an experiment therefore, we will see what happens.

I have already downloaded some books on the Kindle and the kids are thrilled (at least for now).

I am praying that the books on leadership, influence, priority and difference-making will shape their minds to transform the world.

Why New York City?

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Some of you might have already heard about the possibility of starting a HMCC LIFE Group in New York City this summer, which will hopefully turn into a church plant one day. One thing I value very highly is the dissemination of information. To be more exact, I value the dissemination of correct and timely information. In this way, there are less misunderstandings, as well as less assumptions, which often times can ruin relationships and cause things to be blown out of proportion.

In this blog post, I want to lay down the facts and also ask you to join me in prayer as we are trying to discern God’s heart and His will for us as a church.

Back on October 10th, 2010 (10/10/10) I presented HMCC’s 2020 Vision. Part of that vision entails planting ten new churches by the year 2020. As I have been praying for this vision, God placed various cities around the world in my heart. One city that has always been on my heart is New York City.

There are 3 things that stick out for me:

1) It is a city with various NEEDS. NYC is the largest city in the United States and is a significant global city. A lot of what happens around the world has its beginnings in this city. The impact is felt in various sectors of society such as commerce, arts and media, entertainment, fashion, and education. There are close to 8.2 million people who are spread out over a small area of 305 square miles. It is the most densely populated city in the U.S. With so many people, there is an array of needs that has to be met. The most significant need is the need for more life-giving churches. According to an October 2010 Barna report, it shows that New York has one of the highest percentage of unchurched people. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life also gives a similar picture of the religious landscape of NYC. A single church cannot reach out to every unchurched person in NYC. There needs to be many more new churches starting, so that more people can experience transformation through the power of the Gospel. Below is a quick picture of the religious situation according to Gallup:

2) It is a city with many NATIONS. It is just breathtaking when I found out that there are as many as 800 languages spoken in New York, currently making it the most language-diverse city in the world. One particular ethnic group that has a large representation is the Chinese people. The Chinatown in NYC is the highest concentration of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere. Also, with a lot of colleges and universities in NYC which are ranked high globally, it attracts students from every nation around the world. The future leaders are coming to NYC to study. With the nations coming to NYC, the opportunities are tremendous to influence the next generation of world shakers and history makers. Even having the United Nations Headquarters in NYC speaks to the importance of being a hub for international affairs.

3) It is a city with our NETWORK.
Over the last 14 years of doing college ministry in Ann Arbor, we have seen many students graduate and go to NYC for work and graduate school. Recently, we had the largest freshmen class this past year in the history of our church in Ann Arbor; therefore, we are expecting that many more people will be heading out to NYC in the future. Already, we have been in contact with some graduating seniors who will be heading out to NYC and also with some graduates who now live in NYC. As we are trying to connect the dots with our greater vision to reach the nations, we are seeing more people who want to be a part of what God is doing in the context of HMCC. Many of the freshmen from New York and New Jersey area are back home and we want to still connect with them throughout the summer with what God is doing in HMCC.

With the 3rd point, I want to elaborate a little bit more because this has been a major factor in the decision to step out in faith to start something in NYC.

In the last 14 years, whenever our members were graduating and getting ready to head out to NYC or NJ, they have asked me if I knew of churches in that area. Since there are some friends who are pastoring churches out there, I would always recommend those churches first. Then, there are some larger well-known churches, which I try to recommend so that they have a variety of choices.

Some of these former members would get plugged in quickly with the recommended churches, which is a huge praise; but others have had a hard time finding a church that fits with the vision and values that God has placed in their hearts. Due to our strong emphasis on the importance of the local church, many of the former members would eventually find a church they can fit into and build community.

As I have been examining the various groups of people who come and go through Ann Arbor, I have realized that there are 5 groups of people that would be interested in being a part of what God is doing NYC:

1) People who have served as a leader in our ministry context. Over the years, there have been people who were very involved in our ministry and then placed in a city where they couldn’t find a church right away. They would share with me how it would be awesome to have a HMCC community in their city. One thing I want to make clear is that there have been many leaders who have gone to different cities and found a church that suited them better in their lifestage, which is awesome. Hopefully, we are humble enough to realize that HMCC will not meet all the needs of people. Therefore, I am just addressing those former leaders who have expressed their desire to stay connected to what we are doing globally.

2) People who came to know Christ as their Lord and Savior and those who have had their lives transformed by the ministry in HMCC, but did not serve as a leader. I am realizing that the context of a person’s first experience with Christ is very significant. As we have seen many people’s lives transformed through our church, many of them want to continue in their involvement with our vision and mission. In the past, since we did have not any plans of starting something in NYC, we would encourage these people to write down a list of values that they wanted to see in a church. Then, we would advise them to visit various churches (via recommendation of other alumni and friends). Afterward, they were encouraged to narrow down the list of churches to a few and then make an informed and discerned decision. Even after all these measures, people were still trying to find a community that they could be a part of in the city. We even had some students who went to NYC for summer internships and within the short time there struggled to connect with the recommended churches.

3) People who are coming to NYC for the first time, but they have a relationship with someone in our church network. It was exciting to hear recently that a high school student from Indonesia was going to New York University. With all the great universities in NYC, many people are coming to the city for undergraduate or graduate studies. For some of them, it will be their first time being away from home and for others it will be another transition of trying to find a new community. But what would it be like if there was a church community there for them before they arrive? Especially for the international students. If they come to NYC and find community through our church and then they go back to their country, they will have an international church that they can be a part of when they go back (vis-à-vis HMCC of Jakarta and HMCC of Singapore).

4) People who have friends and family members who are not yet part of any church community. I am finding out there is a large group of people, who are connected relationally with some of our members, who do not have a church community. Some of them are pre-Christians, therefore, they have no interest in attending a church, while some are people who stopped going to church for various reasons. This is a huge harvest field of people that we want to reach out to. One thing I have learned from the business world is that the best advertisement or marketing strategy is not a flashy commercial, but a recommendation from a trusted friend. As our members have experienced genuine transformation, their friends and family have noticed. This is why when our members encourage their friends and family to check out our ministry, they are more open due to the trust that is interwoven into their relationship. We have a passion for this group of people and we want to reach out to them.

5) People who are still students at the University of Michigan or any of the universities where there is a HMCC church, and after hearing about our 2020 Vision, they are interested in being part of the vision in the future. This past year’s freshmen class will be the class that would have had the most exposure to the 2020 Vision. They heard it first as freshmen and hopefully throughout the four years of college, they can develop a greater heart for church planting in the future. I am confident that as God leads us to various cities, many of the current students will one day be a part of the greater movement in all our churches.

In light of these five specific groups, we are in the process of praying and planning for a future church plant in NYC. Honestly, we don’t have all the specifics down. In fact, I think we like it this way because with the last several church plants, it has been exciting to follow God’s lead rather than trying to strategize and plan too much.

When I think about HMCC of Jakarta and HMCC of Singapore, I can truly say that it was really a God thing. The encouraging thing about all that is going on is that when we look at the Book of Acts, we see that when the Spirit of God moved powerfully, God was the One who started different communities of faith to reach that particular city.

As many people have been asking me about our church plant movement philosophy, I wrote some things down in another blog post. You can check it out here.

This is what we know so far:

1) Even with all the great churches out in NYC, the needs are still great and the harvest is plentiful.

2) We have a handful of believers who want to see a HMCC community start in NYC.

3) Pastor Pete and I will be heading out to NYC this Sunday, May 15th to meet up with our current students and alumni to cast the vision and talk about starting a LIFE Group.

This is all we know so far. It is pretty scary at times, but we believe that God is Faithful. If he started the other churches to meet the needs of the community in that particular city, we are confident that God will do the same thing in NYC. We have to remember that things are never boring or routine when we are following God’s leadership. In fact, it is an incredible adventure and I signed up for this when I fully surrendered my life to Christ when I was in high school. I have never been the same – all the glory to God!

Here is a time lapse video of New York City. Let’s continue to pray for God’s will to be done in this great, global city that God is concerned about.

“But Nineveh has more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left, and many cattle as well. Should I not be concerned about that great city?” (Jonah 4:11, NIV)


A Sinner’s Song

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Back in 2008, I was introduced to a song called, “Healer” by our worship team. When I first heard the song, there was something about it that gripped me. Not only was the words of the song powerful, but I realized that there was an anointing on it. Therefore, I told the worship team to sing it for one of our major events in our church.

But shortly afterwards, it was brought to my attention that it would not be wise for us to sing the song. Michael Guglielmucci, who wrote the song was discovered to have lied for two years about having terminal cancer to his family and his supporters. The song, “Healer” was written based upon his struggle with cancer and Guglielmucci was propelled into the spotlight by participating in a live performance with Hillsong, who made a worship CD called, “This is Our God” in July 2008. Can you imagine the shock and hurt that people felt after finding out that everything was a lie?

Guglielmucci ended up explaining and confessing his sins on national T.V. with this only interview on Australian’s Today Tonight. Brian Houston, the pastor of Hillsong even had to address it during his vacation time as the news spread throughout Australia.

I was saddened to hear what happened.

But I knew that if we sang the song, word would spread and people would have a lot of objections and even get distracted. Therefore, we ended up axing the song from our list.

I thought that was the end of the story.

But not too long ago, I went through some sort of epiphany. As I was praying and worshiping, the song “Healer” came to my mind. Then I quickly went online to watch the video again; and the words were still powerful.

I started to find out that, Kari Jobe was singing this song and God has been using it powerfully. This is when I realized that God was challenging my theology and my understanding of His power and grace.

As I reflected, these were some of the thoughts that came to my mind:

1) God used sinful people (murders, adulterers, cowards, etc) to write His Word
2) All throughout history, God always use flawed people for His glory
3) People’s mistakes are never greater than God’s purposes and glory
4) Therefore, God can take people’s “junk” and turn it for good

Believe it or not, I ended up watching the video on YouTube again. The thought that was running though my mind was: How in the world can God use a song so powerfully when it was written in deception?

Then I was reminded of the story of how the hymn, “All Hail to Thee, Immanuel” was written back in 1910 by D. R. Van Sickle. He was not a believer and he wanted to prove that one does not have to be a Christian to write a Christian hymn. Even though he did not believe in the message, Van Sickle wanted to prove that he could mimic it. Jill Carattini, who wrote about the history of this hymn, said,

“It is interesting to imagine what might have gone through Van Sickle’s mind when he first heard the words of his own hymn on the lips of a Christian. Did he consider his word-game a success, having fooled the believing masses with his impersonation? Did he find believers all the more foolish for embracing as meaningful words that were void of meaning? It is a curious scene to envision: multitudes proclaiming in song the wisdom of an unbeliever, praising God with words the author himself found foolish. Years after D. R. Van Sickle’s words were in print, he was sitting in a service where a choir sang his hymn. Stirred with conviction, hearing the call of God in his own words, he surrendered his heart to Christ.”

We have to remember that sometimes the messenger is insignificant, but it is the wisdom and the power of God that always prevails.

Then the Holy Spirit gave me a flash of revelation.

How many times have I prepared and preached a message on love, when there was no love in me? How many times have I prepared and preached a message on forgiveness, when I could not forgive? How many times have I prepared and preached a message on giving, when all I wanted to do was be selfish?

This revelation broke me.

It was another reminder that everything was for God’s glory.

All our weaknesses, all our sinfulness, all our failures, all our shortcoming are all for His glory. We will never fully comprehend the ways of the Lord. But when we experience His power, we are left humbled and in awe. Then I came to the conclusion that even though the song was written by a flawed man, God still anointed it so that His glory will shine.

We sang the song, “Healer” tonight at our leadership summit and it was powerful. I couldn’t help but to think that all of us (the leaders) have experienced to some degree an abundance of grace and mercy in the midst of our weaknesses and flaws; and here is God in His infinite wisdom who decides to use a song written by a sinful man to bring glory unto Himself.
You can watch the Hillsong version below:

This is Kari Jobe singing the song in a live performance:

Paramount Sermon Series

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I am so excited to start a whole new sermon series on the Book of Colossians throughout the months of May through August. It has been awhile since we have systematically studied a whole book together on Sundays. But the more I began to pray through things, I realized that this is something that we need to do at this juncture of our church.

As the generations are changing, I have noticed that there are more people who have never thoroughly studied through one book in the Bible. In many ways, this is fragmenting people’s concept and understanding of who God is. We are only getting bits and pieces from passages that are familiar, rather than examining a whole book and allowing it to lay down a firm foundation for our faith.

The great part of the Book of Colossians is that many of the issues that the Apostle Paul had to address in the book are similar to the issues that we are facing in our society today. This is the power of God’s Word. It is able to speak to various situations in our lives because the Truth is always timeless.

One of the major themes for the Book of Colossians is the “Supremacy of Christ.” It is out of this foundation and perspective that we will be able to live accordingly within our context, whether it is with our family, friends, roommates, classmates or co-worker. This is why we are simply calling the series, “paramount.”

The dictionary defines, “paramount” as:

1) Chief in importance or impact; supreme;
2) Of the greatest importance or significance; preeminent
3) Above others in rank or authority; superior in power or jurisdiction
4) A supreme ruler

As we study the Book of Colossians, it is my prayer that we will capture a bigger vision of who Christ is in His Supremacy. As see and acknowledge Christ being “chief in importance” in our lives and “above others in authority” and “superior in power,” then we will be able to trust and worship His Majesty.

Bring your Bibles, journals and something to write with because for the next four months it is going to be a season of learning and growing. We are going to be released to love and live for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.