Internationals Making a Difference

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One of the fascinating things that I have been discovering over the years is that there are many international students who come to the States to study. By pastoring on a college campus, I have seen many international students who represent many nations come to the States and then return to their country. In fact, at one point at the University of Michigan we had close to 122 nations represented. Wow… that is a lot of nations!

As I have been out here in Indonesia for about 2 months now, I am meeting a lot of these international students who have studied abroad. Many of them come back to their country to help out with the family business or they just end up starting up new ventures. It is exciting to see many of these young, well-educated single adults who are making an instant impact in Indonesia.

This is one of the target groups that we are trying to reach with the Gospel. They are a unique group of people because of their experiences overseas. Their perspective is more global and they bring to Indonesia a freshness of vision for the country.

One person in particular has recently launched a BlackBerry application which enables a the user to use a lot of functions that is related to everyday life, such as news, restaurant information, movie showing times, and stock exchange data. Some of us were one of the first ones to download it to our BlackBerry and it has been a great resource.

It is exciting to see what Indonesia will look like in the next 10-15 years with so many young, overseas educated people investing into their country. It is my prayer that many of them will come to know Christ and that those who are already believers will leverage their blessings to make a difference for Jesus Chist.

You can check out an article on the Jakarta Globe about one of the re-expatiated Indonesians that we have gotten to know over the months.

Click here to read the article.

Preview Sunday Celebration

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This past Sunday we had our Preview Celebration at the location where we will be holding our church gatherings on Sunday. There was a lot of anticipation building up to the Sunday. In fact, it was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. The team and I were excited because this is why we committed our lives to come to Indonesia. We have also been building relationships with people who have been experiencing God’s radical love through our LIFE groups; and we knew that if some of them experienced God in a corporate worship setting that God would continue to minister to them in a powerful way.

We were also a bit nervous because there were still so many things that we had to get ready for the Preview gathering. There were some things that we had no control over; therefore we just had to trust in God. There were other things that got done in the last hour. There are still a lot of kinks that we need to work through before our official launch this coming Sunday. But we realized that what we need is more of God’s anointing.

But overall, we had a great time of worshiping God together as a church by having the two LIFE groups coming together. Some of our members invited their friends, so it was encouraging to see. This was a huge win for us as we have been praying and planning for this day to come.

Now we have about a week to get things tweaked and ready to go on Sunday. Even though there are still some things that we are waiting for in terms of God’s Provisions, God has provided us with what we need rather than what we want.

After the service this past Sunday, I couldn’t help but to be thankful. It felt a bit surreal knowing that 13 years ago Christina and I went through some of the same emotions as we started the church in Ann Arbor. But this time it was a bit different – not only due to the cultural issue but most importantly, we had a greater sense of trust.

God has been faithful to use our church in Ann Arbor to bring transformation to so many lives that have come to the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor. We believe that the people God is bringing our way here in Indonesia will experience the same transformation through the preaching of the Gospel message.

This is just the beginning. We are truly humbled at the fact that God would use people like us to spread His Fame. As we make Jesus famous, all the nations will come and worship Him.

Success Cannot Measure Us

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Success Way
Photo from
We live in such a success oriented culture, not just in the States but even here in Asia. I think it starts when we are young. When we do well in school, in sports, and extra-curricular activities our parents and friends praise us. When we win awards and recognition, we are noticed.

What is it about success?

In many ways it is like a drug. It just takes a small dose of it and then we are hooked. We find ourselves needing to constantly feed our addiction. We want more of it and we need more of it.

It gets even more dangerous when we base our identity on what we have accomplished (success) rather than on who we are in Christ. Our identity in Christ never changes, but what we accomplish or don’t accomplish change all the time. One is permanent, while the other one is worse than the stock market graph.

When we measure ourselves with how successful we are, then we will start doing several things:

1) We will end up comparing ourselves with others. The vicious cycle of success is that we are constantly measuring ourselves with others. If someone is more successful than us, then out of insecurity or fear, we will be driven to be more successful.

2) We will end up concentrating on the wrong things. The hidden poison of success is that we focus and place value on the wrong things. Often times the things that we think are important are not that important; and the things that we think are not important are really important. It is hard sometimes to see things with an eternal perspective. We are truly a mist that comes and goes (Jas 4:14).

3) We will end up criticizing others. When we start getting successful, it is easy for us to look at other people with a slight disdain. It is easy for us to pinpoint all the flaws and weaknesses of others and fail to see those things in us. This is why success is so scary. It ends up blinding us and causes us to get self-righteous.

4) We will end up being complacent.
When we are on the top of the ladder of success, we have no reason to depend on God and to work hard. We start to believe that we have become a self-made person. Success one day does not guarantee success the next day.

5) We will end up getting conceited. Something that I try to remind myself with is: “Don’t forget where you came from and where you would be without Christ.” Success has a way of fueling our self-centeredness. We put the focus on ourselves rather than on Christ. This is why not everyone can steward success well.

One thing I have to make clear is that success is not a sin nor is it a bad thing. But we just cannot measure success as the world measures success; and we cannot based our worth or identity on success. As I am getting older, I am realizing that being faithful to God’s calling is the true measure of success (Mt 25:14-30).

Back to Preaching

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Preacher Preaching
Photo by Barry Dean
This Sunday, we are going to have our Preview Sunday Celebration here in Karawaci at 10:30AM. This is the service before the official inaugural launch on September 6th. The team and I are so excited to get things officially started. Even though we have started LIFE groups in Karawaci and Jakarta several weeks ago, there is something special about being able to gathering together as a whole church to celebration God’s Goodness and Greatness.

As I am preparing for this Sunday, it dawned upon me that I have not preached a sermon since May. But Christina, might say that I have been preaching mini-sermons throughout the week :-) This will be first time where I will be preaching in Indonesia for a Sunday Celebration.

I am looking forward to it, not only because of my love and passion for preaching but because we will be laying a foundation on God’s Word as we launch this church. But in the process of preparing the message, I have concluded several things:

1) The importance of Rhythm. Getting back on rhythm is not easy. When we stop doing something that we used to do regularly, it takes some time to build up to the pace that we were at in the past. I guess this is similar to exercising, having our daily devotions or any other activity that we do on a regular basis. It is always hard to stop and go. I am learning the importance of rhythm in life. Now that I am back to being the only preacher, I am looking forward to getting back on rhythm.

2) The importance of Revelation. It would be easy for me to just go on the past sermons or past revelations, but one thing I am learning here in Indonesia is that God is constantly speaking to us. Some of the things that God spoke to me about back in the States might not be what God wants me to share with the people here in Indonesia. We constantly need fresh revelation. There is a difference in the food quality when you compare something that is processed and something that is made with fresh ingredients. God’s Word, which is food for our souls must be freshly prepared and delivered, so that God’s people can grow up to be healthy.

3) The importance of Reliance. When a person is gifted in preaching or even seasoned in preaching, it is easy for him or her to rely less on God and more on their abilities. God is no longer in the equation. This signals of this kind of attitude is pretty clear – there is less time spent in prayer, there is less time spent in studying and preparing the message, and there is less time spent in listening to the Holy Spirit. With the new context, culture and people, it is crucial that I learn to rely upon God more.

As I have been trying to listen to God, I feel that He has given me a message to share this Sunday. I am excited to share God’s Word with His people. But I might have to warn them that I haven’t preached for about four months, therefore I feel like what the prophet Jeremiah felt – “But if I say, ‘I will not mention him or speak any more in his name,’ his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot” (Jer 20:9).

It should be fun.

Challenging the Status Quo

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Pierced Man
Photo by Sweetliferving
I have been amazed at the number of frozen yogurt places that are here in Indonesia. Let’s see… we have: Sour Sally, Sour Mary, Icy Blue, J. Co, Twistberry, Tutti Fruiti, Iceblazz, and the list goes on and on.

On one hand, I ask myself, “Why are there so many yogurt places in Indonesia? Isn’t one or two enough?” But then, I conclude that having options and variety is good. Even though they all do frozen yogurts, each one (at least the ones that we have tried) are a little bit different.

The taste of the yogurt is different depending on where you go. Also, the various toppings are different depending on where you go; and the amount of toppings you get in an order is different depending on where you go.

As I think about this, I realized that having many yogurt places is a good thing. In fact the business principle reminds us that when there is a monopoly on something, then the customer loses. It is so easy for a company or a yogurt store for that matter to get comfort and settle for the status quo because they have a market on yogurt ice cream lovers. But as soon as another one opens up, then the original yogurt store will have to do whatever it takes to keep their edge on the market share.

With all these thoughts about yogurt ice cream, I couldn’t help but to think about the Church.

I think I have heard the complaint that is often times disguised in a form of a legitimate question by people when they ask – “Why do we need another church or ministry in the area if there are already other ones?”

To this, I will say 3 things:

1) We have to remember that there is no “one” church that can reach out to all types of people and all the needs of a city. If this was the case, then why do we have various styles of worship, philosophy of ministry and emphasis on particular distinctives. Part of the beauty of the Body of Christ is that it is very diverse. If we were all the “same” then I think we would miss out on a lot of different expressions of God’s creativity as well as opportunities to reach out to as many people as possible.

2) If there is no need for another church in an area, then we are assuming that the whole city has already been reached – people have been evangelized and discipled. The fact of matter is that in many cities, only a small percentage have been reached with the Gospel. There are so many people who either do not have contact with a follower of Christ or they have been turned off by the Church and Christians. This is why we need new churches to start so that we can reach out to more unchurched people with the Gospel.

3) The culture and needs change over a period of time. Sometimes starting up a new church will not only reach out to new people and a new generation, but it will also challenge some of the existing churches to find new ways to make a difference for Christ. It is too easy to do “business as usual” in the Church. But we need to find more creative ways to reach a whole generation. By having new churches start, there will be more risk taking compared to an institution that has been established for a long time. Also, as new churches focus on evangelism and reaching more people for Christ, then the other churches will be reminded of their calling and find new ways to fulfill their calling.

If some of the above things are good thing, then why is it that there is always opposition that comes from Christians when a new church starts. Now, in a Muslim country it is understandable if the opposition is coming from Muslims who oppose the cause of Christ. But when other churches and ministries oppose the start of a new church or ministry then we will have to wonder what is going on.

Whenever I hear of people who are resistant to new churches or ministries starting, I have notice some things that will inevitably need to be addressed:

1) Our insecurities will have to be addressed. A lot of times when something new starts or even when someone else does something better than us, some of insecurities begin to surface. We have to know what those things are because usually those insecurities are our Achilles heel and it will come back to haunt us. Our significance and security is found only in Christ.

2) Our motivation will have to be questioned. Sometimes we enter into something with pure and good motives, but after a period of time it is easy to lose focus of the reason why we have obeyed to follow Christ. Why do we do what we do? If it is not for Christ and His Kingdom, then we are building things on sinking sand. Not only that but we will get jealous of other people and get frustrated with things. We have to make everything all about Christ and God’s glory or we will end up losing at the end.

3) Our fears will have to be confronted. Fear is one of those emotions that cause us to do crazy things. Fear is the opposite of faith and trust in God. When fear creeps in then we get more self-centered and focused on our own selfish needs. Until we learn how to depend on God in light of our fears, then we will never find the true freedom that will cause us to love and sacrifice.

4) Our pride will have to be challenged. Pride never comes all of a sudden. In fact, pride is something that comes in quietly and then it slowly grows until it has devastating effects. Just look at the Bible and you will see many stories of people’s downfall due to their pride. Unless our pride is addressed (usually pride is connected with insecurities and fear), we are be heading down a road where God will begin to oppose us (Pr 3:34; Jas 4:6; 1 Pe 5:5). For some reason, God always seems to use people who are humble.

5) Our perspective will have to be altered. So often our perspectives get misaligned after a period of time. It is like a car and having the wheel alignment fixed from time to time. The wheels can be initially balanced but after a lot of different bumps and potholes on the road, it is easy for the wheels to get all whacked. Therefore, once in awhile wheel alignments are good for the tires. In the same way, our perspective needs to be aligned with God’s perspective. We easily forget that we are not building our own little kingdom but we are suppose to build God’s Kingdom. If this is the case, then it doesn’t matter who gets the credit or which ministry does better because as long as we all know that we are on the same team, trying to fight the same enemy… then, we will always be on the winning side.

Back in 1996, when we first came to plant the church in Ann Arbor, we faced a lot of opposition from various churches in the area to my dismay. But after thirteen years of trying to be faithful to God’s call on our church, we have witnessed lives that have been transformed by the Gospel. There is still a lot of work to be done, therefore if there is anybody thinking about starting a church or a ministry in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Austin or Indonesia, please… I beg you to come start something and join the battle. We need all the help we can get.

A Memorial for a Mother

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Mother and Child
Photo on Flickr
Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a one year remembrance memorial service for a woman who made a huge impact in Indonesia. But more importantly, the impact that she had on her family was truly inspiring.

Since this lady was a prominent figure, there were many people who were gathered to remember her life and the difference she made on society. All throughout the service, I couldn’t help but to notice the influence one woman had on so many people. In particular, there was a video that gave an overview of her life. Especially, her work with the poor and those with AIDS really spoke a lot about her character and the magnitude of her heart.

As I watched her children (who are all grown up and with their own children) pay their respects, it moved me. Not only was the love from the children to their mother evident but their relationship with one another was powerful.

There is something about moms that brings a family together. Now the next generation of children are carrying on her legacy as they are involved in the family’s business to transformation to the country of Indonesia.

While the service was coming to a close, I couldn’t help but to think about my own life. As I am getting older, the realization of my mortality is becoming more of a reality. Sometimes I ask myself, “With the one life that God has given me, how am I making a difference in people’s lives?”

How will you be remembered?

It is often times at funerals and memorial services that you begin to understand and even appreciate the impact that a person had on people and the world. It is my prayer that we will fulfill God’s will for us so that we can make a huge splash for Him.

The Start of Ramadan 2009

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Start of Ramadan
Photo by MLive
I was always aware of the importance of Ramadan for Muslims while I was in Ann Arbor, but for some reason it has more significance now that we are out here in Indonesia. Just knowing that Indonesia has the largest Muslim population is a strong reminder that many Muslims will be fasting and praying throughout the next 30 days.

In the Islamic lunar calendar, the ninth month marks Ramadan and many Muslims consider this month as a blessed month. It was in this month where the Prophet Muhammad got the vision for the Qur’an. The Muslims use this month for greater devotion to Allah, as well as doing good deeds to others.

The spiritual disciplines of fasting, prayer and charity are practiced diligently. There is a lot of emphasis on discipline and self-control. During this month of fasting, the good Muslim is to refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, sexual activity and other behaviors that are considered indulgent. In the Qur’an (2:187) even sexual thoughts and activities are forbidden during the fasting hours.

The time frame for the fasting is from dawn until sunset. There are many Muslims who wake up before the first dawn prayer to eat something and then for close to 12-hours they will not eat or drink anything, until the evening prayers are done.

It has been interesting to find out more about Ramadan from an Indonesian perspective. I found out that the reason why Muslims try to do extra good deeds during Ramadan is because they believe they will be rewarded seventy times more for their actions during this time. The Muslims also emphasize the importance of having their sins forgiven during this holy month.
I realized how much of an emphasis that the Muslims put on self-discipline, self-control and sacrifice, which I think is pretty humbling for many Christians. But I think the major difference is the motivation.

So many religions practice a lot of the same spiritual disciplines (i.e. prayer, fasting, giving, etc), but when we look at the motivation behind them, it reveals a lot of the uniqueness of Christianity. All religions put an emphasis on self-discipline, self-control, and sacrifice in order to earn favor with God. But Christianity reminds us that we cannot earn favor with God. When we practice the spiritual discipline as a Christ-follower, it is because we are motivated by what Christ has “already” done for us on the cross.

Therefore, the same action is done either as a “response to something” or as a “request for something.” This is when Christianity wins hands down. Thank God, it is by grace we have been saved and not by works.

The Indonesian government and the Indonesian Islamic organization have both agreed that Ramadan will start today, August 22nd. I have encouraged to team to try to fast within this month so that we can, not only show the Muslims that Christ-followers are serious about their faith, but also to demonstrate that our motivation is different.

In the next 30 days there will be a heighten awareness of the spiritual warfare, but we are going to engage in the battle through prayer.

Game Night 2009

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There are some things in life that are universal. What I mean by universal is simply that no matter what ethnicity or background you are from, there are things that everyone shares in common and understands. Some of those things are laughter and having fun.

Tonight, we held a game night event at the guys’ apartment for the people in Karawaci. My family and I headed out there a bit later but we were able to catch the majority of the fun. It was great seeing people enjoying their time together. We ended up playing some games that the Indonesians were familiar with, such as Pictionary and then, we introduced them to some new games from the States.

Mixing up the groups and having some healthy competition brought everyone together. We are excited about the group of people that God has been bringing out way. Many of them have expressed to us their desire to grow deeper in their relationship with God, as well as to experience a genuine community, which they can be a part of here in Karawaci.

We know that the people that are gathering in our LIFE group are people that God has given to us to build relationships with and to demonstrate the Gospel in a tangible way.

We have some good momentum and we are blessed to be a part of God’s work. More testimonies will come forth in the months to come.
Game Night
One of the new students we’ve met at UPH drawing a picture for their team
Game Night2
The other team’s celebration was a bit pre-mature as we sealed the win at the end :-)

Celebrated Our Team’s 1st B-Day

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It is hard to believe that it has been over a month that the team and our family have been together here in Indonesia. We have already gone through a lot of things together and have become more of a family unit. We are learning the biblical principles of Acts 2 in a real and tangible way.

Part of being a family unit is the joy of celebrating the team members’ birthdays together. The first one to celebrate their birthday in Indonesia was Sarah. Since today was her birthday, we “tried” our best to surprise her with a dinner and cake. But I think she caught on pretty quickly.

We went to an Indian restaurant because not only did Sarah like Indian food but we decided to try something new. Before the food came out, I made everyone participate in the Kim family tradition of going around and saying one thing we appreciate about the birthday person. The comments were encouraging and endearing. I think Sarah got blessed :-)

Then we headed to our home to finish the celebration with a cake.

The next birthday will be from our youngest member; and she is already dreaming about her party and inviting all her friends from school. I am just hoping that the princess theme or the Hannah Montana theme will not rule the day.
Sarah's B-Day
Happy b-day Sarah!
Sarah's Cake
We only had four candles but it sufficed because the cake was so good

Meeting Various Pastors

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One of the great joys I often get to experience is meeting different pastors and hearing their stories. Today, I was out in Jakarta meeting up with a pastor who was introduced to me through one of the HMCC of Ann Arbor member’s father. This pastor was the shepherd for the member’s family while they were in Indonesia.

It was encouraging to hear how their church got started. In fact, it was a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision. The fascinating part of their story is that they were one of the first international churches in Jakarta. Their beginnings go back to 1974. They were also probably the first church to meet at a hotel. It was unheard of for a church to meet in a hotel back in 1974, but now practical most of the churches in Jakarta meet in hotels.

As they were targeting English speaking people, their Indonesian member population began to grow and now it out numbers the English speaking congregation. This is the first time hearing about a church that started off as an English speaking church and then grew in their Indonesian speaking membership. God works in funny ways.

I also had the privilege of meeting his sons who are helping out with the ministry. It is always a great testimony to the pastor’s life when their children want to follow in their father’s footsteps.

Now, in September they will be celebrating their 35th anniversary. It was great meeting most of their staff. They are doing a great ministry in Jakarta.

There are some more pastors that I will be meeting next week as well. It is always good to know that there are many workers in the harvest field. I would love to see all of us working together for the Kingdom one of these days.
ICCJ at Bellagio
The English service meets in a mall that was designed to make it look like Las Vegas

Kingdom-Minded People

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People Holding Hands
Photo by CHEC Pro
This week I had the opportunity to meet up with various people. It is always good to connect with people on a regular basis. One in meeting in particular was notably a blessing to me. I met up with a pastor of an international church here in Jakarta. In fact, I have met up with him a few times over the last year in my visits Indonesia.

There is something refreshing about being around people who have a Kingdom mindset. I use this term, “Kingdom mindset” to describe someone who understands some basic principles:

1) They understand that doing ministry is not about them but about God and His glory.

2) They understand that having a magnanimous heart for seeing other churches succeed is a big win for God and the whole team.

3) They understand that other churches are on the same team all trying to fight the same enemy.

4) They understand that being more concerned about God’s reputation is far more important than protecting their own reputation.

5) They understand that when God blesses them it is so that they can be a blessing to others.

6) They understand that it doesn’t matter who receives the credit, just as long as one more person enters into heaven.

Whenever I meet people who are antithetical to the above principles, I usually want to end the meeting quickly. There is a major difference in being the presence of a big-hearted person and a small-hearted person. The small-hearted person sucks the life out of you (it gets harder to breathe the more they talk), while a big-hearted person pumps energy into you.

It was sad to hear that in Indonesia there aren’t too many churches that have this kind of Kingdom-minded attitude towards one another. In reality, a lot of churches are all doing their own thing and trying their best to protect what they have currently.

But there is hope because God left a remnant of people in Jakarta who have this mindset; and they want to work together to bring the Gospel to the whole nation.

As soon as a person comes to the realization that they can make a bigger splash for God’s Kingdom if many people are all jumping in the pool at the same time, they will stop trying to build their own kingdom (small “k”) and start building God’s Kingdom (big “K”).

I am looking forward to an informal meeting that some of these Kingdom-minded pastors have set up. It is going to be exciting to see all the great things that God is going to do as we join our hearts together.

Indonesia’s Independence Day 2009

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Boy with Indonesian Flag
Today marked the celebration of Indonesian’s independence from the Netherlands. On Friday 10:00AM, August 17, 1945 the official proclamation was made to the world.

Every August 17th is a joyous occasion for all Indonesians. There are many festivals, parades and activities usually planned for several days to celebrate their day of freedom. They decorate pretty much everything with red and white (the nation’s colors).

Since their declaration of independence is still fairly fresh in the hearts and minds of the people (only 64 years of freedom), they make a day of it and it is quite a sight to see.

For some reason, I am wondering as the years go by if the significance of this day will wear out. In some ways, this is what happened to the United States and our Independence Day (233 years). Now we have relegated July 4th into a day of picnics and fireworks. It is so easy to miss the significance or the impact of something just due to time gone by.

But being here in Indonesia and seeing the joy in the hearts of people, reminded me of the privilege and honor that we, Americans have in the freedom that was given to us 233 some years ago.

Then, I couldn’t help but to think about the freedom we received from sin and death through Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that as I grow older in my journey with Christ that this costly freedom, which was purchased for me with blood will never lose neither its significance nor its impact upon my life.

New Strategies of Outreach

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One of the biggest dangers is settling for the status quo. One phrase that we try not to use in HMCC is – “It’s because we have always done it that way.” If we get too comfort or locked into a particular way of doing things, then there is a good possibility that we can miss out on what God is doing.

God never changes, but the times and circumstances do. Therefore, it is critical that we are able to discern. Methods can always change, but the principles remain the same.

It is easy to think that because something worked at one place it should work at another place, but this is not always the case. In fact there are times when it backfires. Also, when you add cultural differences into the equation, then it adds a different twist to the whole situation.

For the last 12 some years in Ann Arbor, we have always had an outreach event to reach out to the new students. Over the years, we tried to find new ways to make the first contact with students and introduce them to our church. Some of the things that we have tried throughout the years worked well and other things did not work out so well.

But the common lesson has always been the same – in order to reach out to people, we cannot wait around for them to find us, we have to find them. It is all about making connections, but it is always easier said than done.

The students in Indonesia are a little bit on the shy side compared to some of the students in the States; therefore we could not just sit in our booth and wait for people to come to us. We had to be more proactive and start the conversation with people as they walked by. The first day was pretty difficult in meeting new students because of their packed orientation schedule.

But after some prayer and re-strategizing, we were able to reach out to more students. This is going to be a learning process for us. It is the “learn-as-you-go” method. It has been exciting and full of surprises (good ones).

I have always been a firm believer that some of the best sports teams are the ones that can go into the locker room at halftime losing the game, but then they are able to make adjustments and win the game at the end. Our team is making adjustments.
Joe Manning Booth
Joe is representing our booth at the UPH Festival
Friday Fellowship
You can never go wrong with food and fellowship. You got to love it when multiple camera are going off.
Cooking Fish
I have always been curious to know how they make some of the fish… and now I know

Creativity in Kids

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It has been good seeing some families coming out to our gatherings. There is one family with a child that is into painting. In fact, she is only 5 years old. One day when our team walked into their home, we saw a display of all her paintings. It was pretty awesome to see.

Not only was the quality good, but what struck me was the creativity.

There is something about creativity that gets lost as we get older. It seems as if all kids are just naturally creative, and then, as they get older the creativity dissipates. I am curious as to the reason why this is the case.

I am wondering if it is because we have been condition to just do what we are told. Maybe it is because we are afraid of failure. Maybe it is because we just settle for the routine. Maybe we just don’t have the energy to do things outside of the box.

I know for me, sometimes it is because my passion is lacking. For some reason, when I am connected with God, my passion for life and the things of God increase. This is when I am able to tap into my creative side. New ideas come up and new ways to look at things begin to appear.

Sometimes I just need to slow down. The more I am thinking (or worrying) about the next thing, then I do not give the space I need in my mind to create. When my mind is freed up and uncluttered, then I am able to be more creative.

If you look at a child they are passionate about life… they are carefree… they are not worried about tomorrow. Maybe, the more I am like a child, the more creative I can become.
Anya Pics2
A display of some of Anya’s paintings
Anya Pics1
This is her creative painting of a sunflower