Missing the Simple Things

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The phrase, “you don’t know what you have, unless it is gone” constantly rings out to me as I try to go through daily life in Indonesia.

There are a lot of things that we are still trying to get set up for the house that we are renting. It has been a slow and arduous process but we are slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

We finally got our refrigerator and other household appliances. We are still trying to figure out about a water heater – we have not been able to take a warm shower in over two weeks. I am humbled by thinking about some of the missionaries around the world who do not even these things. I have a lot of respect for them.

The other day I was just thinking about how blessed we are to live in the States. There are a lot of things I took for granted. It isn’t until some of these are absent when we really notice how much we have appreciated some of things.

Why is it that we need to be separated from things in order to appreciate them?

One day, my family and I were talking and we came up with a quick list – warm showers, beef jerky (the ones from the real beef jerky stores), Doritos (we have searched everywhere), a good juicy steak, fast high speed internet (top speed here is 3Mbps) – but then we quickly stopped listing things that we missed because it doesn’t help to look at the cup half-empty. We have to see it half-full.

This is when we started to think about some of the things that we do have here – meals for $1.50, incredible Indonesian food, Bread Talk (store that has freshly made bread), J. Co (cheap frozen yogurt), diversity of culture, cheaper gasoline, new friends, learning new things, more time as a family – and the list goes on.

A lot of times when we see some of the “inconveniences” in light of the Gospel and the mission at hand, then they don’t seem so bad. It is worth it if we can see one more person come to trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Start of LIFE Groups in JKT

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The small group ministry has always been our church’s “bread and butter” (colloquialism for describing our basic function for our church’s livelihood). Throughout the history of our church, people have said that various aspects of the church helped them grow spiritually, but hands down, the small group ministry is always in first place.

We have been calling our small group ministry as LIFE Groups because we believe in the words of Jesus when He said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (Jn 10:10). The NKJV translates the word, “full” as, “more abundantly.” In the original language, it carries the idea of something being superior in quality or quantity. This is why we can be assured that when we find “life” in Christ, we are experiencing life that is far greater (exceedingly abundant) and beyond measure. It is life that is out of this world.

This is our passion – we want people to experience life in Christ, which will transform even the hardest of hearts. Then they will want to share this life with others around the world.

Yesterday was our first LIFE Group gathering in Jakarta (JKT). One of our alumni who is on assignment with the Singaporean government opened up her apartment. I was blessed when she mentioned that she saw God’s provisions in her life as a means to be a blessing to others.

We first started off with an awesome meal, then I re-casted the vision for the importance of LIFE (Love, Investment, Faith, Enjoyment) in our small group ministry. We broke up into smaller huddle groups; and then, we shared our testimonies and prayed together.

It was a great start. Later this week we are going to start a LIFE Group for Karawaci.

As we were driving back home, I was reminded of the importance of laying down a good foundation when it comes to starting a new church. Whatever we do in the beginning stages will eventually be the DNA and the platform, in which we will grow in the future.

I am amazed at what God is doing.
Our team was excited for our 1st LIFE Group gathering at the Four Seasons Residence