Covenant Christmas Party

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The married couples of HMCC (Covenant group) had our annual Christmas party. I really enjoy these times. Since it is hard to see all the married couples in our church at the same time, these gatherings are all the more special. Whenever we have an opportunity to gather all together, it is always a treat for us.

We are thankful that our married couples’ ministry has grown over the years. We, not only have couples with children, but we also have some newlyweds. It is exciting to even see the diversity within the various LIFE groups – from different personality, backgrounds, and even a lot of mixed racial marriages.

I particularly enjoyed getting to know some of the international couples tonight. Most of the husbands are studying to get their PhD’s. It is always good to stay connected with people from different cultures. It is a fresh reminder that many of them will go back to their countries and make a difference in their particular field. It is my prayer that in the future some of these families will be part of a church planting team.

Oh, by the way, we got a nice utensil set from our Secret Santa.

HMCC Board Summit 12.20.08

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Yesterday we finished our Board Summit. After everything was over, I was just thankful for the friendships and partnership we had with one another. I am blessed to have such high caliber people to work with and to build God’s Kingdom.

We had all the global pastors come and join us and it was encouraging to hear some of the things that God was doing in their specific locations.

We spent some time talking about the importance of communicating our vision and mission on a napkin. If we cannot draw up and explain the vision on a napkin then we are making things way too complicated. Simplicity is always the key.

Then, we watched some videos and read some articles on the topics of global cities, global brands, and creative innovations. The smaller group discussions really helped spark some deeper level conversations.

For some reason, this summit compared to all the other summits, left me feeling more excited about the future of HMCC. The best is yet to come!