The Bigger Man

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Values

Obama abd McCain Meet.jpg
Photo: Reuters
Now that the elections are over, the president-elect Barack Obama is in the process of forming his cabinet. This has been in the news for the last couple of weeks. But the thing that has caught my attention and impressed me about Obama is that in the last few weeks, he has been meeting up with some of his rivals, such as Hillary Clinton, as well as John McCain.

I haven’t really seen too many people who are willing to put aside their own personal feelings to make bridges and even restore broken relationships.

There were some crazy things that were said on the campaign trail, not only during the presidential race, but also during the primaries. Therefore to have Obama reach out to Clinton and McCain, it really shows that he is the bigger man.

I think there are some biblical lessons we can learn from this example.

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