In Moderation

Christina has always been shouting out her mantra of “moderation, moderation, everything in moderation” to me for years. She has seen my extreme personality for the last 12+ years of marriage – whether it is getting into my coffee craze or my tea craze or my ESPN addiction, the list can go on and on.

I am constantly challenged by her “steadiness” in everything. She is the epitome of moderation, except for Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream. I can get her to go to the extreme every time 🙂

There was an interesting article today in the New York Post that warned about the health risks on energy drinks. A new study discovered that high-powered drinks have so much caffeine that the push for government warning labels is being advocated.

Now, I have never had any of the energy drink, but it was disheartening to find out that a grande cup of a Starbucks coffee has more caffeine than the energy drinks! No wonder…
Caffeine Diagram.jpg
                                                                                Photo by New York Post
The chart of addiction