Multi-Site Conference in Chicago

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DJ Chuang, from Leadership Network was gracious enough to invite me to the Multi-Site Exposed Conference, which was being hosted by New Life Church in Chicago. Since I was already in Chicago for the UIC inaugural celebration, I decided to check it out.

They had a great line of speakers such as Mark Jobe and Dave Ferguson, who gave some insights from their experience with the multi-site model in the Chicagoland area.

One take away from this conference was Fibonacci and “rapid reproduction.” Fibonacci was a mathematician who introduced the new numeral system (the one that we have now) and changed the way numbers were counted. In our generation God is raising up Kingdom-minded people who will change the way we count. We are only going to finish the task of the Great Commission if we have the mindset of multiplication and reproduction.

It is just awesome to see that many of these multi-site pastors and leaders have such a heart for evangelism; and they want to see the Kingdom of God expanded. God is definitely up to something.

I couldn’t stay for the whole conference, since I had to catch the last flight out of Midway back to Ann Arbor. But the staff in Chicago will be taking notes for me.
Mark Jobe.JPG
Mark Jobe hosting the conference
Dave Ferguson.JPG
Dave Ferguson sharing about Fibonacci

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