Karissa’s Party

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Karissa finally got to celebrate her birthday with some of her friends at Jump City – a premier inflatable indoor party zone. It is so different having a birthday party at Jump City with a bunch of girls compared to just boys. It is a bit calmer, but nevertheless it is chaotic with all the kids running around.

After they worked up a sweat from climbing up and sliding down inflatable slides, we celebrated KiKi’s birthday with a Coldstone cake and then opened up the presents.

It always brings a joy to the parents’ heart when their kids are happy and having a blast. What a day!
KiKi's 5th B-Day - Friends.JPG
Something about girls and their need to travel in packs :-)
KiKi's 5th B-Day - In the cage.JPG
KiKi is Ms. Social Bug… she is constantly flying around talking with everybody
KiKi's 5th B-Day - Boys and bball.JPG
The boys are in the “cage” and playing a game of basketball
KiKi's 5th B-Day - Cake.JPG
KiKi is ready to blow out the candles
KiKi's 5th B-Day - Chair.JPG
Getting ready to open up the presents on the queen chair
KiKi's 5th B-Day - Me and boys.JPG
The difference between girls and boys – the boys sweat, while the girls gently perspire

Josiah’s Soccer Team(s)

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Josiah decided to play soccer, not only for the Vardar Ann Arbor club team but also for his school’s team. At first, Christina and I were a bit hesitant due to the increase of school work in middle school, his commitment to Velocity (our Junior High ministry), and other responsibilities.

But he wanted to play with some of his good friends from school, so we gave him the freedom to choose and hopefully through it he can learn about time management and balance.

Now the problem for Christina and me is trying to find the balance to juggle all the kids’ school events and extra-curricular activities. As the kids get older, it seems as if things get harder to find the balance. I can’t wait until the kids know how to drive :-)
2008 AACS Soccer.JPG
Playing soccer with your friends makes everything more fun