OCR 2008

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We are closing out the OCR training session tomorrow afternoon. So far, it has been a good OCR. I have been really enjoying our evening sessions of prayer. For some reason, this year more of our OCR participants are hungry and have higher expectations for God to do some incredible things.

Already some testimonies are coming out regarding some of the divine appointments that God has brought our way. Even at the International OCR (one week earlier), we had about 140 international students come out to the BBQ. For some reason, God is giving us favor with the international students. It is our prayer that they will experience God’s love so that they can be transformed and trained to go back to their countries with a greater mission and vision.

The various groups in our church are strategizing and praying to reach out to the undergraduate students who will be arriving in the next several days. It is exciting to see people coming together with a clear mission and focus.

We are praying for a great harvest of souls this year.

We believe that with the new facilities that God has given to us, we will be able to increase our reach to various people on campus, as well as in the city.

Tonight, we met in the basement of the Transformation Center to pray on location. It was a good feeling knowing that we were praying in the very place where God was going to do His transformative work in the lives of people. It gave us greater faith to pray.

Finding the Hard Balance

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This past weekend, the family and I went to Josiah’s soccer game, which was about an hour away from Ann Arbor. The team’s tournament started on Saturday, but due to the TEAM Community Prayer Summit I was not able to go. But on Sunday after our Sunday Celebration I was able to catch the last game.

I realized that this year will be a difficult one in trying to find the good balance between family life, studies, church and Josiah’s soccer. Since Josiah made it to one of the higher teams in his age group, there are higher expectations from his team and the coach. There are more tournaments that are out of state and a lot more traveling for games and practices.

Knowing what it feels like to play soccer in high school without my parents coming out to any of my games, I made a commitment to be there for my kids’ games. Whenever I can’t make it to their games, it brings up an old wound. I have been trying to surrender this to the Lord.

I guess there will always be this tension of trying to be there for my children and trying to be faithful with some of the other responsibilities that I have as a pastor. But I am thankful that Christina is partnering with me to make sure that we are able to balance everything.

Even through all this, I am just excited to see Josiah excelling in soccer. He is definitely further along than I was at his age.
Vardar Tournament in Pontiac.JPG
These indoor soccer fields are breath-taking… I wish I played on them when I was younger.