Getting Back to Work

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It is always hard to step back into the rhythm of things after a long trip halfway across the world. But coming home to a family that has missed you and with various things pressing for your immediate attention causes you to get focused.

Yesterday, I spent some time with the family. We all had the opportunity to update each other on what was happening in our lives. This is a habit that I want to build up in our home because it teaches the kids the importance of being involved with one another even though we were separated by distance.

One of the things that blessed me when I came back was the fact that so many people helped out with the renovation for the new office and the Transformation Center. Christina told me how my whole family helped pack all my books and things from the old office. Then some guys from the church helped move all the furniture and the books to the new office.

We are looking forward to moving our operations to the new Transformation Center office space. This reminded me that this is truly a team effort. We are going to get things ready for a harvest of people who will experience true transformation as they experience the Gospel.
New Office.JPG
Most of the furniture are in place and now I have to fill it up with my books and things

S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 11

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We are almost home as we are waiting in Seattle. Our flight to DTW is going to board in about 2 hours. It almost seems surreal that we are back in the States. Sometimes after spending time away from the States, a person goes through a reserve culture shock.

But one thing that I am looking forward to is being welcomed by my family. It is always one of my favorite moments after getting back from a long trip. I am also looking forward to getting back to the rhythm of things. I have to re-train my body with the daily 2 miles of running.

Now, I will need to write down some of the things that God accomplished through this trip.

S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 10

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We spent a good portion of the morning just reflecting and sharing some of our thoughts from the trip, especially in Jakarta. It is always helpful to process some of the things that we have experienced in order to put the proper perspective on things.

We had our last dinner in Indonesia with Louisa and Engel; then we headed out to the airport. Now, we are in Singapore on a layover before we get back to Ann Arbor (via Tokyo and Seattle). Even though it is going to be a long plane ride, it will be good to reflect on the trip and spend some time reading.

I can’t wait to share with the rest of the church all the things that God is doing on this part of the world and all the things that He has revealed to the team.
Rebi and Rolls Royce.JPG
We rolled out in style as this is our last picture in Jakarta – we found out from the owner that it is a $1.4 million Rolls Royce. It is crazy to meet people who have that much money to spend… crazy!
Changi Airport - Men.JPG
The men are spending some time in reflecting and writing in their journals
Changi Airport - Women.JPG
Some of the women were journaling and resting

S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 9

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One thing I have been telling the team is that in Indonesia (or any part of the world) we have to learn to be flexible. There are so many unknowns that happen all the time that without being flexible, we will get easily frustrated.

As we were planning on going to a particular international church, there was this unexpected traffic. This caused us to run really late for the service that started at 10:45AM. So, as we were waiting in traffic, I found out that the other international church was close by and the service started at 11:00AM. So we decided to be flexible and go to the later service.

After the service we talked and fellowshipped with many of the single adults and expatriates. Many of them studied overseas and now they are back in their home country starting up their own businesses or working for their parents’ companies.

We ended up at a local café, which by the way was much better than Starbucks, and just hung out. I realized that doing a church plant from scratch requires relationship building. Sometimes the thing that we have to focus in on is just sitting down with people and talking with them.

Then we headed out to Louisa’s aunt’s place for dinner. Indonesians place a high value on family, therefore having all the family members together for a meal is very important. We had many members from Louisa’s family come out to eat with us.

Today, we are going to wrap things up here in Jakarta and start our journey back to the States. We will have a layover in Singapore for 5 hours. I am looking forward to heading back to the States. I can’t wait to share all the blessings that God has poured out on us on this trip.
3 Gen of HMCC.JPG
It is hard to believe that in this picture we have 3 generation of HMCC people
Meal at Halim Family.JPG
In my opinion, Louisa’s aunt is one of the best chef’s in Indonesia. She cooked up a feast for us.
Halim Family and Team.JPG
The Halim family has become like family to us
Quote on Coffee.JPG
This is a wise quote that was at the local cafe – “Actually this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis, a good hot cup of coffee”

S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 8

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We made a trip out to Bandung today. Bandung is known as the textile capital of Indonesia and even possibly in all of S.E. Asia. But our main purpose for going to Bandung was to visit some of the universities. Some of the top Indonesian universities are located in Bandung.

It was a long 2.5 hour car ride. We started our journey early in the morning. As soon as we arrived, we were greeting by Irene Tanu and her sister, Sylvia. Irene is a HMCC alum and she is now back in Bandung as a working professional.

Once again, I am just amazed and humbled to see not only all the HMCC alumni who are placed all over the world, but their willingness to sacrifice and host us. Every time we want to bless them with a meal, they constantly beat us in getting the bill. Our whole team has been blessed by the generosity of our alumni.

Our first stop was at Institut Teknologi Bandung. This is the best engineering school in all of Indonesia. It is also known for its strong Muslim population amongst the student body. We walked around campus and introduced ourselves as former students from the University of Michigan. It was great that we had Rebi on our team who graduated from the UM’s engineering school. Once we told the students that Rebi was a graduate from UM as a engineer, our respect level boosted up a notch! You should have heard the “ooh” and “wow.”

Afterwards, we met up with Pastor Sammy who lived in Seattle for 8 years. He came back to Bandung to be a pastor of a church. It was great talking with him because he was the 3rd culture person that we are finding ourselves connecting with very well. He mentioned that the transition from the United States back to Indonesia was not easy. People like Pastor Sammy are a growing population in many of these global cities. Due to their experience of the Western culture, they struggle in acclimating back fully to their culture right away – not because of language or food but rather because of a widening of their worldview. In many ways, they make up their own culture or better known as the 3rd culture.

Then we went out to a place where they had a school for prayer and worship. It was more like a retreat center. The part that blessed the team the most was meeting Pastor Jacob and his wife, Esther. They had a phenomenal testimony of God’s grace and their obedience to God’s will. Pastor Jacob was a famous musician who literally changed the face of music in the Indonesian culture. He has been recognized as one of the top guitarist in the country. We got to sample a little bit of his playing and we were completely blown away!

He and Esther heads up the School of Prayer and Worship that is run by a large church in Jakarta. They have up and coming worship leaders and musicians come out for 2 months to get trained and equipped for the worship ministry. Their ministry has grown so much that now they are hosting people from countries like, China, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

We closed out our time in Bandung with a good Malay dinner in the heart of the city where so many people gathered on the weekend.

There is definitely a lot of potential for ministry in this area. It is exciting to see different ministries doing their part in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tomorrow we are going to visit an Indonesian church so that we can get a taste of the local church here. Then afterwards we are going to visit an international church in order to get a feel of how international churches are done here in Jakarta.
Engineering Students and Team.JPG
We took a picture with some of the engineering students at ITB
Rebi and ME Students.JPG
Rebi dazzled them by sharing that he graduated with an engineering degree from UM. As you can tell from their project, they are Mechanical Engineering majors
Top Gun Pic.JPG
Once we found out that they had a Russian MiG Fighter Jet, which they took apart the engine, we had to take a “Top Gun” picture
Worship School - piano.JPG
This was the School of Prayer and Worship’s piano training session
Prayer Rooms.JPG
They had prayer rooms in their training school, which was influenced by the “Prayer Mountains” in Korea
Pastor Jacob Playing.JPG
We invited Pastor Jacob to play for us and we just sat there blown away as he made ordinary and simple songs like “Lord I Lift Your Name” into a jazz concert
Worship School Session.JPG
We ended up joining one of the session for worship and the Presence of God was sweet
Pastor Jacob and Team.JPG
Pastor Jacob was a great inspiration to the whole team with his humility
Street Food.JPG
Louisa and Engel have introduced us to the joys of street food
Concert at Mall.JPG
After dinner we walked around and saw another live concert in the mall

S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 7

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Today, we went to Karawaci and met up with Dan over at Universitas Pelita Harapan. It is one of the premier universities in Jakarta. The great thing is that it is a Christian university. They have stated that they wanted to be like the Wheaton College of Asia.

We ended up meeting with the Vice President of the university and the administrator for the teachers’ college. It was exciting to hear the vision of the school and even their future vision for all of Indonesia. The best part was that they were using the same language that we have been using for the Transformasphere Movement. They believe that education will be one of the key pillars for transformation in a society.

We then went to the Business School of UPH and talked with some professors. One professor ended up giving us a session on micro-financing. It was hilarious because some of us were really interested and others were drifting away in their minds.

Afterwards, we met up Lew Belcourt. He moved to Indonesia with his family about 9 years ago. Lew had great knowledge about the situation in Jakarta. I ended up picking his brain about various practical things about living in Indonesia.

It was also great meeting up with Grace Liu. She just recently graduated from UM and now is living in Jakarta working in hospital administration. She took us around her home town in Karawaci. Once again, I am so blessed to see so many of our alumni placed at different parts of the world. The ripples are truly being sent out from Ann Arbor.
UPH and Team.JPG
Met up with the staff of UPH
Business Prof.JPG
We were getting schooled on micro-financing
Lew and Grace.JPG
It was great having lunch with Grace and meeting up with Lew Belcourt

S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 6

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We rejoined the rest of the team today in Jakarta. It was good just catching up and sharing some of the things that we witnessed in Lampung to the other teammates.

Then we went out for dinner with some of the people that we have been building a relationship with here in Indonesia. They took us to a seafood place by the water. It was a pretty cool place because they had various types of seafood in coolers and you went around choosing which seafood you wanted. Then you tell them how you want it cook and it comes out ready to eat.

The group that we ate with is such an international group that at any given moment there are four languages spoken at once. It is truly transcultural. This is what I love about global cities.

After dinner we took a nice walk along the pier. I am realizing more and more that ministry is really about relationships. As we are seriously considering the future church plant here, I am reminded of the first years at HMCC of Ann Arbor (and Chicago and now Austin) that a lot of the ministry was about eating together and hanging out together. This is where good conversations are started and we are able to build some genuine community.

When we got back to our hotel, our team ended up just hanging out at the lounge with our coffees and sharing some spiritual warfare stories – crazy! But it was a great time of bonding.

Tomorrow we have a full day at Karawaci, which is an expatriate community on the west side of Jakarta.
Fish in Cooler.JPG
The seafood was just placed in these coolers… it was like a fish market at the restaurant
Rebi and Crabs.JPG
“Wow, these crabs are awesome! I can’t wait to eat them.”
Julie and Rachel with Fish.JPG
“We are more ‘wow-ed’ than you Rebi”
Team and Fish Tank.JPG
The team is willing and waiting to eat – hmm… they seem too happy
Outdoor Concert.JPG
Music is big in S.E. Asian countries. They had a live concert by the pier. It will be great to see some of the HMCC members do a live performance one of these days
Team and Host at Restaurant.JPG
Our group that ate at the seafood restaurant by the pier

S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 5

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We arrived safely in Jakarta last night. It was great being welcomed at the airport by some old friends like Louisa and Engel and even Yonas. It is hard to believe that I have been to Indonesia enough times that I am beginning to develop a strong relationship with some people.

The team split up that night because several of us were going to Lampung to visit a school. The rest of the team stayed back and checked out Yonas’ company.

Our team got up early in the morning and headed to the airport (again) to catch a flight that would get us to Lampung in a very short flight of about 45 minutes. Louisa reminded me that it is faster to fly into another city than to drive through the traffic jam in the city of Jakarta… oh the ironies of life!

After our short flight, we drove two hours to get to our destination. Lampung is pretty much a small little city, until we reach the compound of the Sugar Group Companies. This conglomerate that owns so many other corporations in Indonesia have their largest sugar cane factory out in Lampung. At first they told me that the property is 100,000 hectare. I was thinking – how many acres is that? I realized that is close to 247,000 acres! It is double the size of the country of Singapore.

It was truly an overwhelming feeling as we drove through the huge compound… and even then, we only went on a small portion of the land. It is literally a small country of its own.

We met up with the principal and the overseeing director. They gave us a tour of the place and allowed us to visit some of the classroom. The secondary school is the state-of-the-art. It was a blessing to hear about the testimonies of this school. Not only is it free for these students but they are given an opportunity to go to various well-known universities in Indonesia. Their motto is: “education is the key that opens the door to your future.”

Then at the last minute, they wanted our team to present something to the whole student body and then open the floor up for some questions and answers. We were taken back because we were not prepared to present anything – it came at the last minute. But we welcomed the opportunity. We shared about how the world is becoming more flat and interconnected, and we also shared about the importance of education and how it is going to open up many doors of opportunities.

We finished off the day with a BBQ with the teachers. It was great getting to know these teachers on a personal level as we ate together and just chilled. I had some good conversation with some of the younger teachers (they just came out of college not so long ago).

Tomorrow after the morning assembly, we will be heading back to Jakarta to join up with the rest of the team. Things are moving fast and God is opening our eyes to so many things.
Greetings from the Students.JPG
The students greeted us with an Indonesian greeting by putting our hands on their foreheads or their cheeks
Primary School.JPG
This was a primary classroom
Elementary School.JPG
This was an elementary classroom
Lampung School Computers.JPG
Students are using computers in the library
Google Search.JPG
Julie was pleasantly surprised to see that Google is being used globally
Mice Lab.JPG
This is why I didn’t like biology
Shoe Rack.JPG
In this school even their shoes are provided for – they like the old school Converse
Rachel Playing Xylophone.JPG
We stopped by the music room and Rachel revealed something that we did not know about her
Art Gallery.JPG
They even had an mini art gallery where the students showcased their work
Getting Ready for Prayer.JPG
Since most of the student body are Muslim, the students have opportunities to do their prayer. These students are preparing (cleansing) themselves to go to the prayer room
Guys Praying.JPG
The boys pray in the front of the room
Girls in the Back.JPG
The girls pray in the back of the room
Student Classes.JPG
We ended up doing a make-shift presentation in front of the whole student body about the importance of education
Louisa Fielding Q's.JPG
Louisa was fielding some questions about getting into American universities
Primary School Kids.JPG
The Indonesian kids love taking pictures
Julie and Drinks.JPG
Julie had a hard time choosing her drink – she finally tried one of the local brands
Principal and Team.JPG
Principal Purwadi and Nia helped in hosting us – they are doing an incredible job with the school

S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 4

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Today, we started off our day by meeting up with John Ng, a HMCC alum who just happened to be in Hong Kong at the same time as us. It was great seeing John and his wife but his father’s battle with cancer has been brought some challenges. As we were catching up, we ended up praying for his family and for God’s love and grace would fill their home.

Then we meet up with Albert and Charlotte – they are students at Northwestern University attend HMCC of Chicago. We headed back out to the island to have lunch at the International Finance Centre. As we were walking and talking, I was just amazed at the network of relationships that we have developed over the years. It was cool to see Albert and Charlotte (the younger generation of HMCC members) walking alongside some of our teammates (the older generation of HMCC members).

It is my prayer that some of the values and DNA will be passed on from one generation to the next.

Then we had the privilege of meeting up with Joyco Yung, who started up something called, “UFire,” which is sweeping across the various universities around Hong Kong. They even started up a Love Revolution, which had some powerful affects in this city. It is always encouraging to meet people who have a passion for college students and college campuses.

The light blub went off in my head when he was sharing about how there are mainland Chinese people who come from various places around China to study in Hong Kong. If they were to reach them with God’s love and disciple them, then they will become the missionaries to reach the various parts of China. It is a localized vision for his nations, but it has the same principles for us reaching out to international students who come to UM, NU, UIC, and Austin. They will eventually be sent off to make a difference in their cities – the ripple effects on a greater scale!

Then we met up with Dave Ng for one last time before we leave for Jakarta tomorrow. Hong Kong has really been a blessing, not so much because of the place itself but more because we have alumni who are living out the Gospel message in a powerful and transformative way.

We need to see more people who will live out Gospel – this is how nations will be transformed.

We are heading out to Jakarta tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us there!
John Ng in HK.JPG
Meeting up with John and Candice was truly a God thing. It was good catching up with them and even praying for his father.
Dessert with NU guys.JPG
Ate some good Chinese dessert with Albert and Charlotte, our HMCC of Chicago members
Joyco Yung.JPG
Heard some great testimonies of what God was doing on the college campuses in HK from Joyco

S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 3

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Yesterday, we went to The Vine Christian Fellowship for our Sunday Celebration. It is an expatriate international church. The interesting part of the whole experience is that a lot of the things that happened throughout the celebration are familiar. We had a good time of worship with songs that were familiar. The Word of God was relevant and the response time was powerful.

I am noticing a trend throughout many of these international churches in the global cities. Many of these churches are able to contextualize the experience that fits into a culture full of people who have left their home country (for whatever reason) or they have been abroad for studies or work. It is a unique group of people that in some ways have their own culture.

The key is trying to give this mobile community a vision to reach the people of their host country and for the national to reach their own people. It is important that they are equipped and empowered.

After the service, we had lunch with Dale Kauffman and his wife, Carol. They are the key founders of King’s Kids International, which is part of the Youth With A Mission ministry. It was a blessing to just here all the things that God is doing in China.

After I shared a little bit of what God laid in our hearts with the campus church planting and eventually planting international churches, Dale shared with us a trend that is happening in China. He said that one of the fastest growing movements right now in China (more than the House Church Movement) is the Chinese who have studied aboard and then come back to their country to work. They are reaching out to the various part of China’s society (similar to the Transformasphere Movement). They are reaching out to the business sector, the movie industry, the healthcare field, and etc. by starting up home fellowships.

It was so encouraging to have some of the things that we have always hypothesized about get confirmed from a giant on the field.

Then, after our meeting, we walk around the city; but this time we went to the island. It was good spending time with Dave and getting to hear all the various things that God has been doing in his life.

We capped off the night by taking the Peak Tram up to the mountain side to get a panoramic view of the whole city. It really caused you to stand there in awe of God. I was thinking how incredible it was to think that God knows and loves every single person in this city. It was humbling to also remind myself that God has been working in this city long before any “missionaries” arrived on the seen.

The words of Bluetree’s song, “God Of This City” came to my mind as I looked out and prayed for the city of Hong Kong. I know that Chris Tomlin made it popular, but I stood corrected by one of our musicians that Chris Tomlin did not write the song – you can find out more information on this song here. Also, here is the Bluetree’s version of the song.

You’re the God of this city
You’re the King of these people
You’re the Lord of this nation
You Are

For there is no one like our God
There is no one like our God

Greater things have yet to come
Great things are still to be done
In this city
Greater things are still to come
And greater things are still to be done here

You’re the Lord of Creation
The Creator of all things
You’re the King above all Kings
You Are

You’re the strength in our weakness
You’re the love to the broken
You’re the joy in the sadness
You Are

Greater things have yet to come
Great things are still to be done
In this city
Where glory shines from hearts alive
With praise for you and love for you
In this city

Greater things have yet to come
Great things are still to be done
In this city
Greater things are still to come
And greater things are still to be done here.

Taking the Ferry.JPG
We took a ferry in the morning to get to the island for Sunday Celebration
Dale Koffman.JPG
We had lunch with Dale and Carol Kauffman
Center City of HK.JPG
This is center of the whole city
David Ng Sharing.JPG
Had some coffee with David as he shared about God’s faithfulness
HK Busy Streets.JPG
Hong Kong is BUSY!
Team Looking Up.JPG
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no… it’s just Hong Kong!
Rebi and Transformation Sign.JPG
We couldn’t resist
HK Overview.JPG
A view from above… we were literally in the clouds

S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 2

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We finished off our time in Singapore this Saturday afternoon by having lunch with some of the alumni. One thing that has really blessed me was the principle of sacrifice that the alumni displayed to our team. Sometimes, as a pastor, you wonder if some of the principles that you try to teach ever sink in with people – especially, the principle of giving and generosity. But I can confidently say that many of our international students are living it out.

When we got to the Changi Airport, there were a handful of HMCC members who came out to say bye. Even though we stayed only for a few days in Singapore, our hearts were bonded to our alumni and it was sad to depart from them. They ended up praying for us and for the rest of the trip.

After the 3.5 hour flight to Hong Kong, we met up with David Ng (another one of the HMCC alumni). We checked into the hotel and then went out for an authentic Hong Kong noodle dinner. Then we walked around the harbor and took in the breath-taking scenery of the city skyline – it was incredible!

Dave shared with us various happenings around Hong Kong and in particular some of the great things that God was doing amongst the business sector. God is bringing executives and business leaders into His Kingdom.

After some time, we prayed for the city of Hong Kong and then headed back to the hotel. Tomorrow we will be visiting an international church in the city. The whole team is looking forward to this, since we are praying about starting an international church in one of the global cities in S.E. Asia.

We will also be meeting up with some pastors and other church leaders in the afternoon. Then we are going to try to meet up with some of the other HMCC members who are here for the summer.

Even though things have been non-stop, we have been experiencing God’s grace and just enjoying all that God is doing in this part of the world. Our hearts are full of thanks.
Singapore Airport.JPG
Saying bye to the Singaporean alumni and members at the airport
Check-in to the YMCA hotel and motioned the YMCA sign… Moses was making sure we were doing it right
Team and HK Skyline.JPG
The skyline of HK was incredible… it just made you want to pray for this global city

S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 1

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After a short layover in Tokyo, we arrived safely in Singapore at 1:30AM! Some of our current members had house that were big enough to house us, which was a tremendous blessing. The men stayed with one of the brothers and the women stayed with one of the sisters from our church. By the time we ended up going to sleep it was about 3AM.

We got an early start at 8:30AM and headed out to Chinatown to meet up with some of the other HMCC alumni for breakfast. The food court in Chinatown had a plethora of choices for Chinese food that can paralyze a person from Ann Arbor. We literally tried a little of everything!

Then we headed out to a convention center to meet up with a pastor from Indonesia who is doing some incredible work with the Dayak people in Borneo. It was quite amazing how his vision was in line with a lot of the things that we have our hearts on. He really has an apostolic ministry of church planting, pastor/leadership training school, school, and etc. They also have two orphanages. Pastor David’s ministry is reaching people holistically, as they are engaging the culture and reaching various parts of society.

Afterwards, we met up with some more HMCC alumni and walked throughout the center city of Singapore. It was the most I have walked in a long time! But it was good taking in the sights and also praying, as we saw various part of Singapore.

Then we all gathered at the Marina Centre to have dinner. We added a few more alumni and current members to the group by this time. Every year this group is getting bigger and bigger. We also had current members who are back in Singapore for summer break. They were all in various internships.

The hospitality and generosity of these guys were incredible. Oh boy, did these guys know how to order the food. The Chili Crab and some of the noodle dishes were slamming. We were truly blessed.

To top off the night, after dinner, we went out for dessert. We just ended up talking and hanging for hours. As I looked out at the group, I was just thankful that God brought us all together. It is hard to believe that the thing that brought us together was not only Jesus Christ, but by our common experience at HMCC.

I am truly seeing the ripples that were sent out from Ann Arbor reach all the way to Singapore.

Tomorrow, we will be heading to Hong Kong to meet up with some other alumni and current members. We are going to also scout out this global city for a future church plant. It is just amazing how our global connections through our alumni are opening up so many different doors for us. God is truly good.
Rebi and Foodcourt.JPG
The choices for breakfast was overwhelming for Rebi, but he was a happy man :-)
Pastor David.JPG
Meeting Pastor David was a great honor for us
Esplanade Theatre.JPG
The Esplanade Theatre or affectionately known as the “Durian Building”
Jumping Off Statue.JPG
Our team trying to rescue the jumping children
Statue Picture.JPG
This was suppose to be a serious picture, but Rachel could not hold back her laugh
Band in Mall.JPG
Music is huge in S.E. Asia! They have random bands playing in the malls
Singapore Reunion.JPG
We ended the night with a typical “Asian” picture with our victory signs

S.E. Asia Trip 2008

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We are at the airport and getting ready to board the plane. I am taking five other people with me on this scouting/survey trip. We are looking forward to spending some time with our alumni and even meeting up with some important contacts.

This is trip is significant because it will give us a better gauge of starting up the international church that we have been praying about.

I will try to update throughout this trip as much as I can.

Now it is time to board the plane!
SE Asia DTW Airport.JPG
The joy of airport food!

Bowling with Family

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As I am getting ready to go to Indonesia, I am trying to clear out my schedule so that I can spend more time with the family. The kids really wanted to go bowling so we made a trip out to the bowling alley.

Nothing beats $1 games on Tuesday afternoons.

This was a historic moment for KiKi because we bowled half of the game by herself – and she ended up marking a spare all by herself!
Kids Bowling08.jpg
The kids picked out their ball and getting ready to bowl
KiKi Bowling.jpg
KiKi bowling her first ever spare!