Die-Hard and Faithful Cubs Fan

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It dawned upon me recently as I was talking with my family that I have been a Chicago Cubs fan for 31 years. It is hard to believe! I still have a picture of myself when I was in grade school with a Chicago Cubs hat, shirt and jacket.

It is hard to describe a die-hard Cubs fan. They are a bit crazy. They know what disappointment feels like… they know the pain of dashed hopes… they know the name of Steve Bartman (on a side note: it was NOT his fault).

Now that we live in Michigan, it is hard to convince my kids that they should be a Cubs fan. The Detroit Tigers are constantly beckoning to them and it doesn’t help when we have some hardcore Tigers fan in our church. But I am doing everything within my powers to show them “the way.”

I am hoping that this will be the year!
Wrigley Field 2008.JPG
The discipleship to the Cubbie’s way starts here at Wrigley Field

AMI Revolution 2008 Update 2

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We finished off the conference with Dr. Steve Lee finishing off on Esther 4, with the famous phrase of, “If I perish, I perish.” Dr. Steve has been developing the theme about the Sovereignty of God in the last two days of this conference.

During yesterday’s morning session, we prayed for all the missions teams and even for the Austin church plant team. It was a powerful time. As the various teams were circled around, it just struck me, not only how diverse the people were but also how only the Spirit of the Living God can bring people together in unity.

Once again, it was great spending some time with the other pastors in AMI and also being reminded of the greater mission.

Now, I am getting ready to head out to the airport. Since, I will be preaching at HMCC of Ann Arbor, I am praying hard that there will be no flight delays due to weather or mechanical problems. I am looking forward to spending time with the church family, but most of all, I am looking forward to watching the Euro 2008 finals with the family.