Mustache for Ministry

Pastor Dave Lee from Harvest Community Church in Chicago is growing a mustache! When I first saw him at the airport, I was like… “what the?” I was thinking that maybe he was trying to sport a new style or something (maybe the 70’s were coming back). But he told me that it was a fundraiser for a ministry that they have for at-risk inner-city kids. They are suppose to grow it out for 6-weeks and try to find people who would donate to the ministry.

So far here at the conference in Dallas it has been a source of conversation as well as the brunt of the joke. But the man is taking everything in stride… it is truly for the Gospel.

It is just a creative way to raise awareness and funds for an awesome ministry that they are doing. It is truly inspiring – but not enough to mimic it 🙂

You can read up on it here.

If you want to see the last 5 weeks of growth, click here. Pastor Dave’s progression picture is on the bottom.
Dave's Mustache.JPG
This is week five and he has 12 days to go… the man is brave!