Chilling with Family 08.06.30

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It is always a joy to come back from a conference or my travels to just hang out with the family. I received a warm welcome by KiKi. She said, “Welcome back daddy to the Kim family… please come on in!” These are the precious years.

We ended up grilling some hamburgers and bratwursts today. Then afterwards we ended up getting the old school Indiana Jones movie (can’t believe it was made in 1981) together with some sundaes. Nothing beats it.

Now it is back to the rhythm of life until the next trip.

Illustration from the Sports World

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Not too long ago, I received an e-mail from an alumnus. This person was sharing about an insight they received about the church from the sports world. I have always said that some of the best illustrations for biblical principles and even comparisons are found in sports.

After reading the e-mail I was so blessed that I ask this person if I could posted it on my blog. This is what they wrote:

Hi Pastor Seth,

I had a realization the other day through watching the movie “High School Musical” that I wanted to share with you. At the end of the movie everyone was singing a song with the lyrics “We’re all in this together”, and at that moment it dawned on me how being an athlete on a team is similar to being a member in the church.

On a team there is a coach who teaches the team skills, disciplines the team when necessary, and tries to think of new game plans and plays to improve the team. There is a captain who leads the team by example, who is the communication line between the coach and players, and who helps motivate the team and keep the team together, and then there are the players who are not the captain but without them there would be no team and no game because there wouldn’t be enough players to play.

Last night, I saw how this relates to the church in that the pastor is like the coach: he teaches the church members the Word of God, disciplines and rebukes the church when its people go astray, and seeks God for revelations and tries to come up with innovations to stay current with society and to keep on growing. The leaders are like the captains: they lead by example and are the communication line between the pastor and members. And the members who are not leaders are like the other players on the team: they are necessary to make up the church and there would be no church without them.

I then thought of the saying, “There is no ‘I’ in Team,” and I realized this is also true in the church. On a team everyone works together for the good of the team, or at least they should work together for the good of the team. When I played on the University of Michigan Water Polo team, which is Div I, I wasn’t the best player. I was maybe third string and everyday at practice I was called upon to fill in positions wherever there was a need. For example, when a goalie was injured, I would play goalkeeper even if my position was not a goalkeeper. Back then I saw myself as a “practice dummy” and got bitter and felt I was being treated unfairly. I felt I was better than some of the players who received playing time and I was angry that my coach didn’t give me a chance and let me play my position to improve my skills. Sometimes I got so angry that I did not put out 100% during practices. But now when I think about it, I was being selfish when I got bitter and angry; I was thinking only about myself and not about the team. Playing the role as someone who filled in positions during practices didn’t earn me any stars or accolades, but it helped the team get better, which, if I was a team player, should have made me happy and excited. Being on a sports team, my mindset should have been, “If this helps the team, then I’ll gladly do it.” And just like on a team, in the church, if I really desire to live for God’s glory and build His kingdom, then I should be happy and excited with whatever role I play, and my mindset should be, “If this helps build God’s kingdom, then I’ll gladly do it.”

When I played water polo, I was selfish and proud, and this has carried over to my role in the church. Honestly, I get jealous and sometimes it’s hard to rejoice when others are rejoicing and sometimes I feel I’m more spiritual than some of the Christians who are leaders, which all leads to bitterness and me not putting out 100%. This needs to change. I need to change. I need to be a team player. I need to think about the good of the church and focus on building it up, and I believe I am slowly changing with God’s help.

As Christians called to make disciples of all nations, spread the glory of God, and fight this battle of the faith, we’re all in this together. Every role is important. The pastor (who is like the coach), the leaders (who are like the captains), and the members (who are like the players) are all important. There is no “I” in team and there is no “I” in church. We all must work together for the good of the church, that is, the Bride of Christ.

Gosh, it was so exciting having this realization! Now I just need to act on it.

Die-Hard and Faithful Cubs Fan

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It dawned upon me recently as I was talking with my family that I have been a Chicago Cubs fan for 31 years. It is hard to believe! I still have a picture of myself when I was in grade school with a Chicago Cubs hat, shirt and jacket.

It is hard to describe a die-hard Cubs fan. They are a bit crazy. They know what disappointment feels like… they know the pain of dashed hopes… they know the name of Steve Bartman (on a side note: it was NOT his fault).

Now that we live in Michigan, it is hard to convince my kids that they should be a Cubs fan. The Detroit Tigers are constantly beckoning to them and it doesn’t help when we have some hardcore Tigers fan in our church. But I am doing everything within my powers to show them “the way.”

I am hoping that this will be the year!
Wrigley Field 2008.JPG
The discipleship to the Cubbie’s way starts here at Wrigley Field

AMI Revolution 2008 Update 2

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We finished off the conference with Dr. Steve Lee finishing off on Esther 4, with the famous phrase of, “If I perish, I perish.” Dr. Steve has been developing the theme about the Sovereignty of God in the last two days of this conference.

During yesterday’s morning session, we prayed for all the missions teams and even for the Austin church plant team. It was a powerful time. As the various teams were circled around, it just struck me, not only how diverse the people were but also how only the Spirit of the Living God can bring people together in unity.

Once again, it was great spending some time with the other pastors in AMI and also being reminded of the greater mission.

Now, I am getting ready to head out to the airport. Since, I will be preaching at HMCC of Ann Arbor, I am praying hard that there will be no flight delays due to weather or mechanical problems. I am looking forward to spending time with the church family, but most of all, I am looking forward to watching the Euro 2008 finals with the family.

AMI Revolution 2008 Update 1

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So far the conference has been going well. It has been good worshipping together with people who have the same spirit when it comes to praise.

I spoke the first night on God’s glory is God’s mission. This morning we hear from Pastor Ulysses from Remnant Presbyterian Church on learning how to stand with your convictions. The next two nights we will hear from Dr. Steve Lee.

We finally had some Philly Cheesesteak last night. I always enjoy food that is well-known in a particular city. I cannot imagine some people eating it everyday, let alone once a week.
Worship at AMI Revolution08.JPG
We were praying that God’s glory would fall on us

AMI Revolution 2008

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I am out in Philadelphia now for the AMI Revolution Conference for college students. A lot of the AMI pastors came out early to pray together and to prepare for this conference. This is our 4th year doing this conference and we have seen God work in great way in the past. Now, we are praying that God will do a fresh work in our hearts and in our churches.

It is going to be great to reconnect with all the different pastors from the AMI family and also to see our college students interact with other college students who have the same vision and mission in life. There is something powerful of experiencing God with other people who are set on living a radical life for Christ. We are expecting great things.

Brickworld Exhibit

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We are spending a few days in Chicago before we head back to Ann Arbor. We found out about an exhibit that Brickworld was sponsoring. I believe it is one of the largest Lego exhibition in the States. Therefore, on Saturday we decided to check it out.

They had some incredible Lego creations. They were literally awe-inspiring. You can see all the intricacies and details that go into making a design. The kids loved it.
Kids and Lego Man.JPG
The kids and the Lego man
Lego Village.JPG
An incredible Lego City that was built
Lego Future City.JPG
This was a future city concept that was pretty awe-inspiring
Lego Starry Night.JPG
They even had Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” done with Lego pieces
Lego John Hancock.JPG
We took a picture in front of the Lego John Hancock because this is where I proposed to her
Lego Flag and KiKi.JPG
When KiKi sees the American Flag (even a Lego flag), she always has to say the pledge
Lego Starbucks.JPG
When I saw this, I couldn’t resist taking a picture

Pictures from Our 2008 Vacation

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Here are a few pictures from our mini-vacation with our family and some other close pastors’ family. It was a great time of reconnecting and seeing all the kids play together.

We are still waiting for all the pictures that Dr. Steve took. I think he took close to about 4,000 pictures… he was a photo-machine.
Elliot and KiKi Pool.JPG
Elliot and KiKi enjoying the pool
Josiah and Guitar Hero.JPG
JoJo got introduced to Guitar Hero and now the man is hooked
Boys and Games.JPG
How do you get boys to focus – the Wii

Back From the Break

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Our family and five other pastors’ family got back yesterday from spending a few days together in Wisconsin. It was great to hang out with friends that I have known since college; and for some of them, I have known since high school. We were like one big happy family!

It is a great joy seeing our kids playing together and growing up together. In our generation we have built some great bonds of friendship and hopefully, in their generation, they will be able to continue the friendship with one another. Maybe if some of them marry one another then we will have more generations :-)

Afterwards, some of the families went to see Kung Fu Panda. I think it was just as hilarious for the parents as it was for the kids. Then we finished off our time together with Chinese foods – the power of movie influence… ha!

Then this morning I flew back to Ann Arbor for our new property title signing. We were gathering in a conference room of the title company and all representatives from the parties were there. It was great meeting the vice-president of National City bank in Ann Arbor.

I don’t know how many papers I signed today, but all I can say is that it was a lot. Now the property is officially ours and we are doing our best to get it ready by the new season of ministry. It was my first time seeing seven digits on a check… it was pretty crazy seeing that much money being transferred in just 20 minutes.

Now I am at the airport getting ready to head back to Chicago to rejoin with my family. We will staying in Chicago for a few more days to spend time with our extended families. I will also be ministering at HMCC of Chicago.

Blogosphere Check-Out 06.16.08

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I am spending some time with my family and some of my close friends and their families for several days. Then I will be heading out to Chicago for a little bit to spend time with our extended families.

I have made a promise to Christina that I will not be working on my blog or other things that might distract me from giving my 100% to her and the kids. I want to honor her and my promise therefore I will not be on the blogosphere for a few days.

Birthday and Father’s Day

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Today was an extra bonus day. The family and I celebrated not only my birthday but also Father’s Day. I am truly an undeserving man – not only has the Lord blessed me with life but with an awesome family who love me and care for me. My kids each ended up making and writing separate birthday cards for me. It was moving to read what they expressed from their hearts. They are precious.

During Sunday Celebration today, the moms in the church read a thank you card for their husbands. When Christina read her card out loud to me, it almost made me cry… I definitely had some “misty eye action” going on.

Then later in the afternoon, the family and I celebrated together with a cake and the opening of presents. Afterwards, Christina and I went out to a nice fine-dining restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor. We love this place, especially for their filet mignon. The best part of it is that they give 50% off on your total bill on your birthday! Even better is when you actually end up making money because we didn’t used all the money on the gift certificate that someone in our church gave to us.

Today was an awesome day! I am truly blessed.

Jon and Rebecca’s Wedding

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It was great to have the privilege of doing Jon and Rebecca’s wedding yesterday. This is probably our first inter-racial marriage (outside of the pan-Asian ethnicity) in our church. It was awesome to see how they were able to go “transcultural” and unite together because of Christ.

It was also great to see all the old faces, as well as some of the other single adults in our church. Pastor Andrew and Nickey were stuck at the pastors’ table with Christina and me. It was good hanging out with them in a non-ministry context.

Jon and Rebecca had their wedding at The Henry Ford Museum. It was a phenomenal place to have a wedding. We were able to walk around and see some of the famous cars that made history. The original bus that Rosa Parks protested on was on display and even the actual car that President Kennedy was shot in was also on display. It was as if history stood still.

It is exciting to see more married couples making up the composition of our church. As we are now growing in breadth in our ministry, we have to keep on growing in depth.
Jon.Rebecca.Christina and me.JPG
Jon and Rebecca starting their new life together. We are happy for them.
Christina and Me at Wedding.JPG
I can’t believe this gorgeous woman said, “I do” some years back. I am truly blessed.

Renovation Sermon Series

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20080615 - Renovation.jpg
The topic of change and transformation has been coming up a lot in my meetings with people. I have also been personally reflecting a lot on this topic as well. I think all of us in our honest moments would confess that we are not where we want to be. There are areas of our lives where we need more transformation.

We need a real renovation of our mind, heart, and will.

This is why I am excited about starting this new 3-part sermon series, “Renovation.” The other pastors and I will be addressing about how our mind, heart and will need some major renovating if we are serious about transformation.

This series will correlate with what we have been covering for the last month and half on Sundays about “Taking Up the Challenge” and “The Call to Leadership”.

There are so many things coming up for us on the horizon for us as a church that we want to make sure that we are doing the hard work of getting prepared. Join us for this new series either live or on the internet.

Boys’ Hang Time

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Yesterday, the boys and I hung out together, while Christina and Karissa went out. I like it when it is just the boys day/night out. For some reason, we feel like we have a license to eat more unhealthy and do more crazy stuff as just the guys… I don’t know what it is :-)

We first went to a local Starbucks to read and take care of things. As the boys were reading, I worked on some e-mails. Then we went out for some good Chinese food. Afterwards, the boys got their haircut and we went home to watch the Euro 2008 soccer tournament.

We watched the games while eating beef jerky – nothing beats it! The day came to an end when the ladies came home.
JoJo and Elliot Reading.JPG
The boys are chillin’ and are reading away