UIC Strategic Meeting 05.26.08

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Last night, I meet up with the staff of HMCC of Chicago and the leaders of the UIC ministry. We spent some time evaluating this past year’s small group ministry on the campus and then we read up on some statistical information about the campus. As we were sharing and reading up on the information, my heart continued to break for the people and the campus at UIC.

I know that each university around the world is different on many levels. There are specific issues that are relevant to the UIC campus. Therefore, it is important that we do not “cookie-cutter” the ministry at UIC.

But there are definitely some basic needs of college students that are universal and we want to make sure that we meet those needs and make a difference for God’s Kingdom. The harvest is huge on this campus. As we reach out to the students, it is our prayer that we will be able to reach out to some of the young professionals in the downtown Chicago area.

Another thing we have to be reminded of is that God has already been working on the campus even before we even started thinking about starting up something there. This should help us to see the greater redemptive history of God. He has been preparing the way for us and we praise God for this.

The needs are great, but we serve a great God, therefore we believe that all things are possible.
Downtown Chicago1.JPG
I love the city. This is a view from one of our members’ apartment. You can even see the Sears Tower.

Diane’s B-Day

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Yesterday was my older sister’s b-day. We weren’t planning for it, but it just happened that my younger brother was coming in to Chicago from L.A. because of a wedding and I was here preaching for HMCC of Chicago so we decide to have dinner all together as a family. It was a special treat for us because as we are getting older, it is getting harder to have our whole family come together.

I think my parents enjoyed the moment of having all their children together.

We treated her to Wildfire Restaurant, which is an awesome place for steak and seafood. We ended up getting things from the family style menu, which is an all encompassing meal with starters and desserts. Therefore, when they served up the cake, it was a hard choice to decide which dessert to eat… it really was a struggle, no really it was :-)
Diane's 08 B-Day Family Pic.JPG
The Kim clan – mom and dad, Diane, Marc and me