Business and the Church

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Values, Vision

It is exciting to be in the discussion of how business and church (viewed mostly as trying to mix oil and water) can co-exist to benefit various communities. This is something we at HMCC have believed in for some years now. I have told many people that if there is a business principle that works in the secular world, it is probably a biblical principle packaged in business terms.

One of the reasons (in the midst of myriad of reasons) why a lot of ministries close down is because of the lack of resources, especially financial resources. Pastors in the church have either shied away from raising up the business people or they have just used them for their money. But now there is a movement of trying to raise Kingdom minded people to use their gifts and talents in the business world to build up God’s Kingdom around the globe.

Here is a writing that was done by one of our business guys who is trying to open up the channels of discussion on the subject of BoP and the faith communities. You can read the article here.

Reconnecting with an Old Friendship

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Even though this past weekend was busy with so much going on, we had July Acosta, an old family friend from Mexico visit us for a day. As we were talking, we realized that our families have known each other for almost 11 years.

I was reminiscing about the joys that we shared together throughout the years. We talked about all the times that she had to translate for me in Spanish during our missions trips. It was a great time of just reconnecting and building up the relationship. She had her first hibachi experience. It was fun to watch.