Taking Up the Challenge

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As we start off the new term with the Spring schedule, it is going to be moving full steam ahead. I am pumped to start this new series on Sunday. Usually the Spring and Summer terms are a bit slower, but with so many things that are on the horizon, we cannot slack off.

Therefore, I am going to be taking about “taking up the challenge.” I am going to be challenging our church members to live out some of the basic tenets of being a Christ-follower. We are going to look at the Matthew 28:18-20 passage in a whole new way so that we can start obeying the “going” and “making” principles.

TEAM Community Summit 2008 Update

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Various

I just came back from the leadership summit. It was a great 2.5 days of being in God’s Presence. We spent good quality time preparing and praying for the new season of ministry coming up.

The part that blessed me the most was having the Chicago guys come and join us for the summit. Also to have the Austin team there to pray with us was a blessing. We commission them out by praying for them as the whole leadership community.

We also spent some time praying for the new site to open up at UIC. God has been orchestrating so many things that we feel confident that God is going to lead us through this next phase of our church in downtown Chicago.

Whew! Sometimes we need to pause and catch our breath and just enjoy the moment. God has truly been faithful to our church.