Q Conference Update 1

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The first day of the conference has been incredible. We are meeting right in the heart of the city in Gotham Hall. At this conference, it has been like drinking out of a fire hydrant – just so much of the good stuff coming out all at once. Each speaker gets exactly 18 minutes to give their presentation; and surprisingly, they have all kept to the 18 minutes. In fact, they have a large LCD screen with a countdown, both for the speaker and the audience to see. Pastor Andrew and Moses have been open to the idea of our church getting the countdown to keep me in check… haha!

We heard from top-notch speakers who are engaged in their sphere of influence and trying to shape culture with a Kingdom perspective. Speakers, such as Francis Collins, Chuck Colson, and Tim Keller really made a splash with their presentations.

I have been able to reconnect with DJ Chuang and some other Asian-American leaders at this conference. The L2 Foundation sponsored a dinner at K-Town in the city. It was great eating together and chatting about things but when we came back to the conference it was not good for the people sitting next to us.

Tomorrow we have another full day packed with great speakers and idea generating sessions. I think this is where I thrive… whenever I am around other innovators, it inspires me and reminds me that I am not the only crazy one out there.
Colson at Q Conf08.JPG
Chuck Colson has shaped some of my thinking about cultural transformation
Seth and Colson.JPG
I had the privilege of talking with Chuck Colson for a little bit – he is truly one of the heroes of transformation in our generation
Tim Keller at Q Conf08.JPG
Tim Keller gave a compelling talk about “grace in the city” – it was a very convincing presentation
Andrew and Pinkberry.JPG
It is always a joy to see people’s first experience of something. This is Pastor Andrew’s first experience of Pinkberry… can’t you tell?

MORE in 40-Days to Destiny

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As we are coming to a close of our 40-Days to Destiny Campaign, I have been blessed to hear of various testimonies of how God has been working in the lives of our church members. But one question continues to come up – “After the April 13th service and when we obtain the facilities, then what is going to happen?”

It is a good question because since we have been focusing on spiritual growth within this 40-Day campaign, what will happen afterward? And my response is simply – “We need to continue to grow!” We should never stop growing. This campaign was put in place so that we can build some momentum, not only for the April 13th service, but more importantly, for what is going to happen afterward.

I felt the Lord placing the word, “More” in my heart as we were halfway through this campaign. I sense that these 40-Days are to prepare us for the future things that are to come. Therefore, I just came up with an acronym for the word “MORE” to help us focus on growth even after the 40-Days to Destiny Campaign is over. It is simply:

M – More Ministries

O – More Opportunities

R – More Resources

E – More Evangelism

Once we get our own location there will be greater growth in our ministries as well as new ministries starting up. Therefore, there has to be people who are growing spiritually so that we can prepare and respond with a heart of service to the Lord.

Secondly, with the new building there will be more opportunities to minister to people and the community. With a stable location, we will have more visibility and integration to the campus and community. This will enables us to reach out to and disciple more people that God will be bringing in to our church.

Thirdly, as people are growing spiritually there will be more resources needed to allocate for building God’s Kingdom. As our church develops more, we will need more people-resources and financial-resources to make things happen. Without spiritual growth, we will not be able to respond to God and meet the need.

Lastly, as we are growing spiritually we believe more evangelism will happen. For some reason, whenever we grow spiritually, we begin to gain more of God’s heart; and God’s heart is for the lost. We want to see God filled in the house of worship every Sunday and Friday.

With only 4 days left, let’s look beyond this coming Sunday and look into the future – even to 2009 – and see the possibilities of growth that could happen and growth that needs to happen. May we desire “MORE!”