Heroes in the Family

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The last several days I have been trying to play Mr. Mom because Christina came down with the flu. She was immobilized with a fever and body aches. This has caused me to put a hold on my regular routine of life to help out more around the home.

After a couple of days, I have realized that when the father is sick, life in the home continues on. But when the mom is sick chaos reigns. This shows who the real hero is in the Kim household. I am amazed how much Christina does throughout the day, week, month and year. It is easy to take things for granted, especially the small things that are not easily noticeable.

This whole situation has brought a renewed sense of appreciation for Christina and how much she does for our family.

Through this whole experience, God has been teaching our kids about praying for healing. It has been a blessing to see the kids pray for their mommy by laying their hands on her. It is no wonder that God loves to honor the prayers of children, since they pray with faith and sincerity.

Lessons on Terrelle Pryor

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Viewpoint

Terrelle Pryor.jpg
There were shouts of joy in Columbus and shouts of anger in Ann Arbor when Terrelle Pryor, the nation’s number one ranked high school recruit from Jeannette High School in Pennsylvania decided to go to Ohio State University. The University of Michigan was one of his top choices and Rich Rodriguez, the new UM football coach was trying to recruit him heavily.

It was interesting watching some of the video clips of his reasons and explanations for going to OSU. I think overall he will do well at OSU and we, at Michigan will have face him for at least several years – it might be painful.

But there are some lessons to be learned from this situation:

1) Past success does not necessary determine future success. With each new level, it is imperative that a person continue to train and stay focus. History tells us that not all highly recruited players do well in the next level, whether it is on the college level or the professional level.

2) Football is a team sport and one player cannot be the savior. It is hard to see a good quarterback or a running back when they have a terrible offensive line. Also, teams with a good offensive do not necessary excel without a good defensive and vice versa.

3) The transition is always easier when you have seasoned people to help you. One of the major reasons why Terrelle Pryor chose OSU was because of the veteran like Todd Boeckman, the starting QB. This is how University of Florida won in 2006 with Chris Leak (the veteran) and Tim Tebow (rookie). Then in 2007 as the starter, Tebow became the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy.

For every high school student who will be coming to University of Michigan, Northwestern University, University of Texas and University of Illinois-Chicago take note. No matter how well you did spiritually in high school, in the next level (college), you will quickly realize that you will have to step it up.

It is imperative that you do not depend on your past spirituality to carry you through college. You have to keep on growing and not be comfortable with your past experiences.

Remember that you will need to be a part of community because this Christian life cannot be journeyed alone. You will quickly realize that you will excel when you are part of a team. There are people who will sharpen you and help you.

Lastly, remember to get discipled. There are seasoned “veterans” who will be able to guide you through the ups and downs during college life. The more you learn from those that have gone before you, the more you will shine. In fact, God might open up doors for transformation like never before.

It is going to be a great year.