AMI Malaysia Trip 2007 Update 4

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It was an adventure yesterday as we arrived in Melaka and try to go out to eat. The taxi here is completely different. There are no taxis roaming around. You have to call into the taxi terminal and then someone will come but we found out that they usually wait until you call twice because they want to be sure that you are seriously in need of a taxi – what the?!

Anyways, went to the wrong location due to an error by the bellboy. But after we got to our finally destination it was a place near the shore so it made up for the delays and taxi nightmare.

We are going to spend the rest of today just chillin’ and checking out the town. I really feel like we need to start up a new taxi company out here and really service the people. As I was taking a shower this morning, I was thinking about a TV commercial that would be able to attract new customers. Then we can use the profits to support our missionaries as well as fund the various works in AMI.

Christina and I will be heading out to Jakarta tomorrow evening. We are excited to reconnect with some of our former church members.
Legacy Lobby.JPG
The art work in our hotel lobby dome is incredible – artist would truly appreciate it
Christina and Seth Sunset.JPG
This sunset and the outdoor dining made the madness of the whole evening worthwhile

AMI Malaysia Trip 2007 Update 3

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We finished off our conference and we now safely arrived at Melaka where we will have some time for R&R. Melaka is one of the most historic city in Malaysia. We will be spending a few days here before heading out to Jakarta.

This day started off at 6AM with some of the men determined to get some tickets for a visit to the Petronas Twin Towers for the rest of the group. The concierge told us that it will be wise to get in line to get the tickets around 7:30AM. He said 7AM would be good and 6:30AM would be even better, so we decided to leave at 6AM. Since we were leaving KL in the early afternoon, we wanted to make sure that we get the tickets. It was quite an experience. It felt like Black Friday all over again!

So far within the last 4 days, the informal relationship building times have been a blessing. It reminded me of the importance of even how the early church fellowshipped together over meals and encouraged one another. The times of listening and asking questions have been helpful in trying to developing a greater heart of prayer for the AMI missionaries.
Petronas Line1.JPG
Waiting in line at the Petronas Twin Tower Building at 6:15AM
Petronas Line2.JPG
The line at 8:15AM
Petronas Line3.JPG
Some happy campers as the doors were opening up. It really did feel like Black Friday!
3D Glasses.JPG
We looked like a bunch of hippies with the 3D glasses… it came with the Petronas show.
Petronas - Seth-Christina-Hannah.JPG
We took a picture on the 42nd floor overlooking parts of Kuala Lumpur
Young and Annette Sleeping.JPG
Ah yes… you got to love these moments.