Robert and Karyn Barriger Visit

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Robert and Karyn Barriger.jpg
Starting tomorrow, we will have the honor and the privilege of hosting Pastor Robert and Karyn Barriger at HMCC. Pastor Robert leads Camino de Vida (The Way of Life) in Lima, Peru. It is an awesome church; and they are doing some great things, not just in Peru but all over South America.

Check out this video to see some of the things that God was doing after the Peruvian earthquake through Pastor Robert and Camino de Vida Church:

We will have our Men’s Gathering with Pastor Robert and the women will be meeting with Karyn on Thursday. Then we will have the whole church gather together for our special gathering as Pastor Robert ministers to us in the Word.

It is hard to believe that it has been about 9 years since I first met Pastor Robert in Lima. After that 15 minute conversation, I just knew that there was some special about him and his ministry. We are just thrilled to have them come and continue the relationship with us.
Robert and Seth at M.Sea1.jpg
Dug up a picture that was taken at the Mediterranean Sea on the shores of Spain

2008 Christmas Wish List

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Yesterday after dinner, the family and I worked on our wish list. I printed out the template that we use every year. The whole family has the freedom to write in their wish list whatever they want to… but we make it very clear that there are no guarantees that they will get everything on their list.

We have taught them early that we cannot get everything that we want or we will be spoiled. But as people look at the list and if they get something for us on the list then it will help us to be that much more appreciative and thankful.

So we break up the list into 3 categories: Most Expensive, Moderately Expensive, Minimally Expensive. Under each category, we give the kids (and the parents) spaces to write in their wish. We use the inverse principle – the “Most Expensive” category has fewer blanks spaces and the “Minimally Expensive” category has the most blanks.

Why is it so easy to fill up the “Most Expensive” list so quickly (and a longing to have more spaces under this category)? I am tired of the socks under the minimally category :-)