UG Retreat 2007

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I am getting ready to head out to the Undergraduate Retreat. It is hard to describe but for some reasons we have a lot of momentum going into this retreat. I haven’t felt this for a long time. I am wondering if God is going to do some great things at this year’s retreat… even going beyond our expectations and preparations.

We are going worship together, pray together, play together, eat together, dream together… but most importantly we are going to seek God’s will together for our generation.

Captain America is Back

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Wow! It is like Michael Jordon announcing back in March 18, 1995, just two simple words of, “I’m back.” It is like the resurrection of Jesus (ok, maybe I am being too dramatic). Various news reportsare saying that Marvel Comics has resurrected the comic hero.

It is a good day. He even has a new look.
Captain America is Back.jpg      Captain America is Back2.jpg