Cubs and Broken Hearts

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Now, we have to wait until 2008 which will be the 100th year anniversary of their last World Series championship. It is hard to believe that the last time that they even played in the World Series was back in 1945.

Only true Cubs fans would know the heartaches of being a die-hard Cubs fan – true loyalty.

Defeated in Brawn and Brains

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God blessed us with a glorious day. In fact, it was probably the hottest and the most humid day in the 11 years of H-Games history. But it was still fun competing with the married couples’ small group and hanging out with some of the other small groups in our church.

This year, the H-Games committee tried to vary things up with a mathematical twist. One event involved solving a math equation (I guess this was to encourage the non-athletic guys). Even with some PhD’s and MD’s in our group, we lost… so much for the brains huh? Haha!

I think it is the age… without the brawn, we cannot keep up with the younger guys. Christina and I were sharing how we have been doing H-Games or mini-Olympics (this is what we use to call it when we were in college) for close to 17+ years. I think it is time to hang up our shoes :-)

Overall, it was great seeing the whole church come together.

Passion and Pleasure

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On my flight back to Ann Arbor from Dallas, I had a conversation with an ER doctor. It was a pretty interesting conversation as we talked about everything from religion to raising kids. In the midst of the conversation, we realized that we had a common acquaintance in Ann Arbor… small world huh?

But the part that resonated with me was her passion for what she does. She loves the emergency room because it allows her to be in the intense action and the quick second decisions that have to be made on the spot exhilarates her. We also talked about how there are many residents who declare bankruptcy because of all the loans and spending that they accrue over the years. Even with their salary, it is just easier for them not to take responsibility.

I think we both silently agreed that some people go into medicine because of the money. But this should never be the reason why we go into a specific field or vocation.

I am always amazed to see people who do things because of their passion in what they do and hence they find pleasure doing those things. This is when life is meaningful and significant. Ask around and I think you will come to the same conclusion.

May we find pleasure in what we do because we are passionate about it. If not, then we have to look hard in the mirror and ask ourselves some tough questions.