Teaching Moment by an Application

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Last week in our Covenant small group (our married couples group), we had the men and women split up for the application in our study. With two other men, we were trying to think of ways to be a blessing to our wives. As we went around and shared, I realized that it doesn’t take much to bless someone. The issue is more of the thoughtfulness and the time that it takes to bless a person.

To my embarrassment I shared that I would like to buy Christina some flowers. I didn’t realized how long it has been since I bought her some flowers “just because.”

Today, as I was ready to go out, I realized that this would be a good teaching moment for the boys. Therefore, I took them with me, albeit they didn’t know where we were going. I think the curiosity made them follow me… ha!

When we got to the store I shared with them how I wanted to follow through on a commitment I made. I also “confessed” my lack of thoughtfulness and my failure to express my love to their mom. It was pretty humiliating for me and I don’t think they knew what to say or do :-)

But then I told them that it was important as they get older that they learn how to appreciate people and especially the special women in their lives (their sister and mother)… the girlfriend talk will come later – Lord, please later than sooner!

We had a great time picking out the right colors and wrote them a small little card to say how much we appreciate the two most important women in our lives.
Flowers of App.JPG
Mommy’s on the left, KiKi’s on the right

3:10 to Yuma

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Yesterday for our date night, Christina and I watch 3:10 to Yuma, a movie staring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. Believe it or not, Christina loves Western movies and mobster movies. Yeah, brothers, I am a blessed man!

The movie wasn’t spectacular but it was decent.

I think if you are a father and you have sons, it will hit you more. But there are some key themes in this movie that inspired me – such as sacrifice, courage, integrity, and responsibility. These are all the good things that men in our generation need to learn and to learn it well.

I have been pressing the men in our church to stop being wimpy boys and start learning how to be courageous men. This world is in desperate need of some godly men who will be men of sacrifice, courage, integrity and responsibility. Statistics show that when men fail in their responsibilities, the society starts to breakdown. Just look at our world… do I need to say any more?

It is my prayer that my boys will be raised to make a difference in their generation. I am also spending time discipling some men in our church that will be next generation leaders.