Newly Designed HMCC Website 07

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Victories

I just want to give a shout out to the Web Team, the Publications Team and many others who have put countless numbers of hours into re-designing our church website. I am proud to be part of a group of people who constantly go the extra mile to make things happen. They are truly the “can-do” kind of people and it is a privilege working with them.

As technology is becoming more accessible, I am seeing the importance of using it as a medium to reach more people with the Gospel. Even within the last several years, we have seen more people come to our website to download or watch our sermons and even just to peruse through the happenings at HMCC.

We are not content with where we are, but we are still in the process of constantly pushing the envelope and trying to find ways to further our reach and influence for God’s glory.

God’s Kingdom is truly advancing and He is even using technology to do it.

The Word “Transformasphere”

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Vision

I love it when words are created. It expresses a function of something and then it is put into a form. I enjoy seeing this process take shape. For example the word, “blog” came about from people journaling on the web. As they kept a log of their thoughts, it was put in a chronological order. Since it was a “web log,” people have shortened it to call it simply a blog (weB log).

Recently, the Lord gave me a word that was consistent with some of the things that He was doing in our church. For several years, I have been sharing with people about the significance of the CHARGED acronym and how it is going to play a part in bringing transformation to this world.

Each of the 7 spheres (Commerce, Health professions, Arts & Media, Religious institutions, Government & Politics, Education and Domestic Issues) must be redeemed and impacted in order to see transformation in our global society. Christians cannot run away from these spheres of influence. Rather we must engage these spheres and transform it to reflect God’s intended purposes.

The whole process of Christians engaging in these 7 spheres and then taking steps to bring transformation is what I have started to call, “transformasphere.” I am also in the process of writing something substantial on this topic so that our generation can equipped and ready to build God’s Kingdom. I am hoping that the word transformasphere will help outline the foundation and importance of engaging our world. May it remind us to “transform-a-sphere.”

It is exciting to see people in our church who are taking this challenge seriously as they are studying and preparing to enter into these particular fields.