iPhone Unlocked?!

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Did you hear? A 17 year old from New Jersey named George Hotz unlocked the iPhone. Now, the iPhone can be used with a SIM card from T-Mobile or other carriers. The story was reported on FoxNews about the audacious feat.

Hotz decided to sell one of the unlocked iPhones on eBay and as of 5PM EST on Friday the bidding was well over $4,500. Can you believe it?

You can also read up about his journey on Hotz’s blog. I couldn’t help but to think about AT&T and what is going through their minds. They made a special deal with Apple to be the exclusive carrier for the iPhone, which was a great move on their part. They have even indicated that there was an increase in new service since the debut of the iPhone. But now with this new discovery their profits will not hit what they were projecting… ah, the uncertainty of the business world.

Here is the video of the 17 year old talking about his incredible accomplishment. Is it me or does this guys have a “David Koresh”-esque look… you got to love the hair.

Family Time 08.23.07

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I enjoy coming back to family after my travels. Since this summer has been crazy, we took some time to just have fun. We headed out to a bowling alley. We cheered for one another and acted crazy since we were one of two families there. There is something about bowling in the early afternoon that brings families together – you are free to do whatever :-)

Then we headed out to the $1 theater. We saw the movie “Surf’s Up”. Since it was rated PG, Christina and I were not sure if it would be ok for KiKi but they all loved the movie. It had a good message about how winning isn’t everything.

After working up an appetite, we ended up eating near the movie theater and enjoyed each other’s company.

Every time I go away on a trip, this is one thing that I always look forward to – time with my family, the people who pray for me the most. I am truly a blessed man!
Bowling Alley.jpg
An empty bowling alley is paradise for our crazy family