Making Room for Growth

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Vision

It is hard to believe that over ten years ago, we started the church in Ann Arbor with mostly college students. Now, we are seeing growth in various areas especially in the married couples and families who have joined our church community.

We are excited about starting up another small group for the married couples this coming year. It is going to prepare the way for further growth as we are planning on reaching out to more families and married couples in this season of ministry.

We are also looking forward to starting an international married couples’ small group this year. We are seeing an increase of not only international students but also international families coming out to our church. This is a fulfillment of the greater vision God has placed in our hearts of reaching out to the nations.

With the increase of families joining our church and with some of our children getting older, we are in the process of starting up a junior high school ministry. God has been faithful in starting up our high school ministry called Latitude, as we saw an increase of high school students coming out to some of church gathering.

Now we are looking forward to seeing the junior high school students in our church experience transformation.

With any kind of growth there are always growing pains, but we are confident that God will help us along the way. God is once again teaching us to listen to His Voice and to obey His promptings. In the past when we have followed God’s lead, we have always experienced God’s best… and for that we are filled with thanks and praise.

Changes in Chicago

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Vision

We, as humans, always resist change for some reason. Maybe the reason behind it is our desire for security or maybe it is our fear of losing something. Whatever the case may be, change is a vital part to growth – period.

God has been truly faithful to the church plant on the Northwestern University campus. Even though we are not even a year old, we have seen the hand of God in bringing transformation in the lives of people. We are just humbled and amazed knowing that we did not deserve any of it.

Now with our one year anniversary slowly approaching, God has set us on a new course for this coming year. There are a few changes that will occur.

First of all, starting in September we will change our Sunday Celebration to 11AM instead of our 5:05PM. Several reasons led us to this change:

1) It will allow us to reach out to a boarder group of people who found it hard to meet on Sunday evenings. Contextually, NU students want to use Sunday evenings to study and having our church gathering at that time made it difficult for some members to invite their friends to church.

2) It will allow us to consolidate some of our meetings to one day. Since many people are busy and their schedules are filled, it was hard to get people to come out to some church gathering several times a week. Therefore, by having the Sunday Celebration earlier, we will be able to have other meetings after the service.

3) It will allow us to have more opportunities for outreach events. We were thinking that after church, there will be great opportunities for us to go out to eat lunch together and even have events that will be effective in building community.

Secondly, we will be changing our meeting location from Evanston Bible Fellowship to a conference hall in Hotel Orrington. This new meeting place is not only close to campus but it is a nicer facility.

We are praying that with the changes that we will see a greater growth this coming year. God is already preparing the harvest field for us. We just need to be faithful in doing our part with prayer and reaping the harvest for God’s glory.