Uganda Trip Update 3

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I am currently using Pastor Victor’s Samsung i830 PDA phone which has GSM. This is allowing me to update my blog. In recent years, I have traveled mostly in urban cities where access to internet is not a problem. But in my trip out here to Uganda, it is hard to get internet access without a GSM phone which allows you to connect to the internet.

Today was a fruitful day as we talked more in depth about AMI with the key leaders. Pastor Victor, Pastor Young and I were laying down the foundation for the apostolic paradigm. The leaders had a lot of questions. It was good to hear their questions because we were able to discover that they were really listening and thinking through some of the paradigm-shifting proposals.

Then in the late afternoon we played soccer with some kids who are in a sports camp with one of the pastors at this conference. These kids who are around 10-13 years old were awesome! They almost beat a bunch of old pastors, but we ended up in a tie 1-1. Since I did not bring my gym shoes, I had to play in my sandals. I was going to play barefooted but then after stepping on some little pebbles, I decided to wobble in my sandals.

After dinner, we gathered for our last session. As we closed out our time, it was a blessing to hear some testimonies from people. They were really ministered unto by the Spirit. There was a sense of mutual edification in the room because the Ugandan people (there were some from Rwanda and Kenyan) ministered unto us.

This is how missions should be done – we, Westerners should not come just to give something, but we should learn how to receive from the people because they have so much to give to us and we have so much to learn from them.

Tomorrow we will have lunch with couple of the key leaders and see where they stand with the whole apostolic paradigm and AMI. Then we will be heading out back to the U.S. Once I get back to a better internet access, I will post up some pictures of this trip.
Rwandan Pastors.JPG
Two Rwandan pastors who went through the genocide in 1994 – their testimonies were powerful
Soccer in Uganda.JPG
A picture after our memorable soccer match
Ugandan Pastors and Leaders.JPG
Some of the key pastors and leaders in Uganda

Uganda Trip Update 2

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On Wednesday, I was able to do some teaching on leadership. The people received it well. One thing that they kept on reminding us about is that Uganda is lacking in good leadership in all levels – the government, the church and even in the families.

We also visited a couple of churches on Wednesday. One of the key leaders took us to his church and gave us a quick tour. They are in the middle of a building project and they asked us to pray for them. Then we visited another church nearby and had a worship service there. Pastor Young spoke and encouraged the people with God’s Word.

This village where the church was located had a high rate of AIDS/HIV infected people. There were many widows, orphans and people who had the disease. It was a good time of ministering to them with God’s love and hope.

I have been enjoying all the meal times and the tea times here with the pastors and leaders because it is when I am able to hear what God is doing in their lives and in their churches.

We have one more day of teaching. I am praying that as we lay down the apostolic paradigm for the people here in Uganda that they will be able to catch a vision for something greater.
Ugandan Kids' Welcome.JPG
The Ugandan kids in one of the churches welcomed us with a song
Ugandan Worship.JPG
There is something about African worship that always blesses my heart
Young Preaching.JPG
Pastor Young preaching the Word – you can tell he was getting into it
Uganda Ch Response.JPG
People responded to God’s Word as many of them asked God to touch them

Uganda Trip Update 1

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Pastor Victor, Pastor Young and I arrived in Uganda safely on Tuesday morning. As soon as we walked out of the airport, we were greeted by David Ofumbi. It was great seeing him again. The last time we saw him was at the AMI Leadership Summit in May. I think he was a bit shocked and could not readily recognize me because of my new clean cut hair style :-)

We are having our pastor’s conference at a university. In fact we are staying in students’ dorm rooms. The people were saying this university is the 2nd best university in Uganda. It is refreshing to see college-age students walking around. It is just another reminder of the importance of the college ministry globally.

We had our first three sessions on Tuesday. In the first session we had all the pastors go around and share about their life and their ministry. I realized that we have no problem talking about ourselves :-) … the session went on for close to 3 hours! Then we took a tea break (yes, the influence of the British). Afterwards, we had our 2nd session where the AMI TLT shared from our hearts about the various things that God is doing in our individual churches.

Then, we broke off for dinner and had a great time of fellowship. I was sitting next to two pastors who gave me a history lesson on Uganda, especially during the reign of the cruel dictator, Idi Amin. They also gave me a cultural lesson on why all of these pastors greeted the whole group by saying, “Hello my name is ____ and I am a husband of ONE wife.” I guess they still practice polygamy here!

There were also some good insights to the situation of Uganda over the last 10 years. I will not forget one particular comment made by one of the pastors. He said that Uganda will play an important role in challenging Islam in the continent of Africa.

If you look at a geographical map, you will notice that the northern part of Africa is dominated by Islam, but Uganda is the cut off point. If Islam goes beyond Uganda then it will easily enter into the other African nations. This is why he has a burden to go to the northern part of Uganda and minister to the people near Sudan and even reach out to the people in Darfur. We need to pray that the Christians in Uganda hold their stance and stay strong.

We finished off the day with Pastor Young preaching from the Word. Then we spent some time praying. It was a good time to seek the Lord. We decided to all retire for bed early and wake up early in the morning.

As I went into my dorm room, I was greeted by a salamander and various other delightful insects! Hmm… you got to love the country life. But for a city boy like me, I’m like a fish out of water :-)
Vic Teaching.JPG
Pastor Vic is laying down the foundation for the apostolic paradigm
My Salamander Friend.JPG
My salamander roommate