Married Couples Putt-Putting

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Once a month our married couple’s small group tries to do an activity together. This Tuesday we decided to go Putt-Putting. We paired up as couples and made a team of 4’s. It was fun, especially when we got a discount coupon for hitting a hole-in-one. For some reason our group had people who were feeling the hole-in-one anointing! I think everyone in our group got a hole-in-one. Yay!

It was a blessing to see the spouses encouraging one another on. This is how it should be… there is no greater cheerleader than Christina. I am thankful for her.

Then some of the brave ones decided to do the batting cage. The 45mph pitch seemed faster than we thought. It is hard to imagine that in the MLB that they can pitch close to 95+ mph.
Some of our small group members after 2 rounds of miniature golfing
Batting Cage.JPG
I decided to live out the glory days of Junior High School

A Trip to the Library

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I realized that everything is getting automated. Today, our family made a trip out to the library to check out some books and DVD’s. To my pleasant surprise, there was a self-serve check out counter. We just had to scan our library card and then our library materials. It was quick and easy.

For a person that is all about efficiency, I am glad that the library is moving in this direction. But I think this method of check out is only at the smaller branches because not all of the Ann Arbor branches have implemented this approach. I am wondering if it is due to the lack of personnel.

I am guessing that a lot of things will get automated in the future.

This will probably put a greater hunger for human interaction – this is when the Church will be able to step up to the plate and fill the void with genuine biblical community.