Nothing New Under the Sun

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Viewpoint

The writer of Ecclesiastes said, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, ‘Look! This is something new?’ It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time. There is no remembrance of men of old, and even those who are yet to come will not be remembered by those who follow” (Ecc 1:9-11).

I am beginning to believe in that passage more every day as I get older.

There is a creative side in me that loves to come up with things that have not been discovered yet. At the same time, I also get inspired by people who are creative and by things that are creatively done.

I think there is a sense of significance when we come up with “new things.” We also are able to reflect God’s creativity since He is the greatest “creator” of all time.

I was in the middle of coming up with a new idea and concept (of course this is all relative) when I decided to do a Google search just to see what was out there. And guess what? Yup, the Ecc 1:9-11 affect.

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