The Funeral Tells It All

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I still remember attending my first funeral. I was about 10 years old. All I remember from the burial service was the wife screaming and crying as the husband’s casket was being lowered. I just remember my heart being saddened. Since then, I have attended more funerals and I am expecting many more to come in the future – I guess it comes with the vocation of a pastor.

One observation I had about funerals is that you always know how well a person lived their life. Whether it is through the eulogy or the number of people that come from miles away, for some reason you just know how a person lived their life.

It really is a time where people are able to reflect on the impact the deceased person made in their lives. It becomes a testimony to a life well lived.

Today, at 2:00PM EST they had a funeral service for Ruth Bell Graham. With all the words and testimonies about her life, you realized that she had a full life and she made the most of it for the glory of God.

One life to live… and one day we will all have to give an account. May we live everyday as if it is our last.

Check out the video that celebrates her life.

The Ordinary Opera Guy

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Since some people know that I like opera, I have been getting a lot of forwards about Paul Potts, the mobile phone salesman from South Wales, who is a contestant in the new British talent search show called, Britain’s Got Talent.

The fascination with Paul Potts is that he is just an “ordinary” guy but who has a lot of talent that was not perfected through “professional training” (vocal lessons or coaching). It was just his love and passion for opera that has led him to get to this point in the talent show.

The show features Simon Cowell from the American Idol as one of the judges.

I think one of the reasons why this video has been viewed by close to 2 million people (and counting) is because it is the classic underdog story. It speaks volumes to this generation. It was pretty inspiring. It just reminded me that there are many people around this world with talents and gifts that just need to be discovered – “a diamond in the ruff.”

Here is the video that took everyone by storm:

Here is his semi-final performance:

Birthday Feasting

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I guess as people celebrate their birthdays, it is often times equated with going out to eat. It is an extra bonus when people end up paying for you. Yesterday I had breakfast with the kids at one of my favorite breakfast places. Then the staff took me out for lunch. Finally for dinner, Christina and I share some time together at a nice restaurant that gives 50% off on a person’s birthday.

In the midst of all the meals, cards (e-cards as well), presents, and birthday wishes, I am thankful that God has sustained me all these years. Even though I am getting older, I am praying that I will always stay young at heart.

I am also thankful for all the awesome people that God has surrounded me with. Their love and commitment to me are both humbling and inspiring.