The Night Life Pioneers

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We are finishing off a two-year theme called, “Church Beyond the Walls.” For some reason, when the staff and I first talked about the theme (2 years ago) we had no idea how everything was going to turn out. All we knew was that we, as a church, needed to be more missional and more focused on reaching the lost.

We concluded that instead of trying to bring people into the four walls of the church, we needed to bring the church to the lost. This was not an easy concept since many of us were used to the attractional model (bring people to an event). I still believe there is some value to the attractional model (but maybe at certain seasons). But the missional model seemed more in line with the Jesus style.

So now, after two years of going over this theme, I feel like people are slowly catching on.

I want to give a shout out to some of the single adults in our church. One small group has decided to have some of their small group gatherings at Sweetwaters Café called the The Night Life – Ann Arbor… I have a feeling they might brand this out to other sites. :-)

They are going to start this Wednesday (tomorrow).

I am praying that as they bring the church to the community (in a café) that they will be able to bring the hope of the Gospel. From the sounds of it, I think they are going to be able to attract a good handful of people at their first meeting. If you are free on Wednesday nights, go check it out.

This is something I can get excited about and lift them up in prayer.

The Google Influence

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Today, after a long day at the office, I was going to my car which was parked in a parking structure. It was a bit strange to see plain clothed security guards on the premises. This is the first time seeing so many all throughout the parking structure.

So I decided to ask one of them if something was happening. The man answered by saying, “Well, we got a new client and they are making sure that it is safe to park their cars here.” Then I asked, “New client?” “Yeah, Google” the man said.

Hmm… Google. I don’t know if you have heard but Google recently opened up an office here in Ann Arbor. It was pretty big news. You can check out the story here.

With the new 1,000 jobs that Google is bringing into the area, I guess they have some level of influence here.

Can a church create so much value to a community that people would take notice? Can a church ever be a church that the world cannot ignore?

The Gospel According to Cicadas

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It is just incredible! This is an epic tale of the life of a cicada… Awakening – Transformation – Purpose – Reproduction.