The Unified Sound of Cicadas

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Viewpoint

When I was going to the airport a cicada got stuck in the windshield wipers. We were trying so hard to “release” the poor little fellow by turning on the windshield wipers… but to no avail. The destiny of the little critter was determined. But for every one that dies, there are hundreds more that are being birthed.

Can you imagine that they have a website solely dedicated to these insects? Check out some of the interesting facts about them here on their website. Warning: there are pictures of them “mating” :-)

I couldn’t help chuckling when Pastor Jimmy said that Chicago is under a plague (reference to the story in the book of Exodus). These cicadas are so loud that it is almost deafening, especially when you are near a forest preserve. The interesting part is that when they are alone they are not that loud. But when they are together in unison, it is pretty loud.

These insects have a 13-17 year life cycle. Therefore, every 13-17 years we hear a unified chirp that creates havoc. Hmmm… what would it be like if the churches were unified and declared the name of Christ together? Maybe we would bring more havoc to Satan and his demons.

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