Inspiration… Rocky-Style

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Rocky I Training

Rocky II Training

Rocky III Training

Rocky IV Training

18 Hours and Counting

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As the start of the 10K race is approaching, I am getting the same feelings that I use to get the day before big games. People are saying, “It’s JUST a 10K race, Pastor Seth” (I can see their eyes wanting to roll).

Well, this is going to be the start of a journey of some other goals I want to accomplish. I am thinking that a marathon will be next… then an Iron-Man 70.3.

I finalized the music on my playlist for my iPod.

Christina thinks I am crazy. I timed each song according to where I will be during the race – I have each mile covered. Some parts of the race, I will need music that will motivate me to push myself. Here is a glimpse of the songs I have on my playlist: “Eye of the Tiger” (holla, all you Rocky fans), “We Are the Champion” (the techno version), “I Believe I Can Fly,” and the execution scene of William Wallace in the Braveheart movie (I know, I know, but this will play on the last mile when I feel like I am going to die… haha!).

The Arts and Evangelism

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There is a buzz going around. Amongst some the culture-tracking Christians, there is talk that the next Billy Graham might be an artist. In terms of the platform and the message that can be communicated effectively to our generation, I am truly a believer of this. Also, just seeing some of the younger talents and passion for the arts and media, I believe that God is raising up people who will be His voice in the wilderness.

Just recently one of my church members sent a video of this new thing called “sand art painting.” It is the use of sand as the paint on an illuminated glass (the canvas). It is just incredible. After seeing this video, I was so moved. It was such a powerful expression of the creation story leading all the up to the crucifixion. There are no words… just music (another art form) and the sand painting (in real time).
Check out the video below:

Here is the longer version which is better. You want to check it out here.

This is a growing movement and it is a powerful medium to communicate a message. Here is a website with some more sand painting with color. Maybe one day we can have someone in our church sand paint the Sunday sermon.

This brings up a bigger vision issue of wanting to start a Center of the Performing Arts in our church in the future. If the “Arts and Media” is one of the 7 Pillars of the CHARGED acronym, then we have to start training people when they are young. When followers of Christ see their passion and talents for the arts as an instrument for transformation, we will have a powerful avenue for advancing God’s Kingdom.