Applebee’s Complaint Follow-up

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I finally received a response from Applebee’s, but it was not the response that I was looking for. In a strange way, I feel like it was one of those patent or standard answers that are given to e-mails that are sent with a complaint. Hmm… I guess the only way to see if they have really taken to heart what was shared is by a follow-up e-mail and a phone call.

Here is their response:

Dear Seth,

Thank you for your e-mail. Your comments have been brought to the attention of our Marketing team. We appreciate your concern and we want to make sure that your voice is heard. Thanks again.

If you have any other questions or comments, please give us a call at 888-59-APPLE.


Adam Linville
Guest Relations Coordinator

Well, I couldn’t resist so I replied back and made my point a little bit more “pressing.” In fact, I helped them to see that some of the other restaurants and fast food chains such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s have changed their menus because of the issue at hand.

Now the waiting game.

Some people might be thinking, “What is your problem Seth?! Just drop it.” But for some reason, I feel like I need to do this. I want my kids to grow up and know that when there is injustice or something that is not right that they need to speak out – that they can make a difference and bring transformation.

Personally, I am also wondering if one person can really make a difference. Can a lone voice really be heard?

Christina brought up a good idea – why don’t you have people sign a petition?

Well, maybe that is going too far – I am a pastor and I do have sermons to prepare and people to meet up with :-)

I have confidence in the top leadership of Applebee’s and believe that this will be the only logical move. I will give it a few weeks.

Josiah’s Double Digit B-Day

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Today was Josiah’s 10th birthday. Christina and I decided that when our kids turn 10 years old, they would stop having birthday parties with their friends – practical reasons as well as budget constraints.

Instead, we allow them to choose an activity that they want to do with the whole family and then they get to choose a place to go out to eat. Josiah chose to go glo-golfing and eat at a Japanese restaurant.

It was a joy to see Josiah getting surprised by his presents. There was one in particular that he liked – a baseball glove. It reminded me of the time when I was young and received a baseball glove from my parents.

I can’t believe our kids are growing up. When they were babies, I couldn’t wait for them to grow up and now, it seems like they are growing up too quickly. I have 8 more years with Josiah before he goes off to college.
Josiah's Cake.jpg
We ran out of candles so we told Josiah to pretend we had 10 candles
Josiah's Glove.jpg
Oh the joy a baseball glove can bring to a child’s heart
Family at JoJo's 10th.jpg
Family picture after the glo-golf

10K Update – Week 4

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With four days left, Christina and I decided to run on the actual course for the 10K run. I don’t know what to say… but I am in trouble. It is harder than I expected.

One lesson that I got out of my efforts this morning is – when you do not have goals or mile markers to tell you how far (or close) you are to your destination, then things get harder.

This is how it is in life. Without clear goals and destination markers, we are aimless and even are tempted to not “run the race.” Well, this is one of my goals so I will have to finish.

Well, last week I was able to get fitted for a pair of running shoes. Some of these guys are able to tell what type of shoes I needed just by watching me walk and run – truly incredible. Everyone who ran the 10K (and even marathons) before were recommending that Christina and I get some good shoes. So we got fitted with a pair of good Brooks running shoes at a local running sports store.

So at least we have the equipment :-) Now the actual running is the issue.

At this point, I am not so concerned about beating Christina… I just want to FINISH!