The Food Tour

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After the summit, Pastor Young, Pastor Bruce and I (all three of our wives included) went out to the city to just hang out. We did this amazing food tour.

We started off with some Korean ribs with cold buckwheat noodle dish. Then Pastor Bruce insisted that we try this incredible Chinese dumpling… so off we went to another part of town. Then we topped off the night with the infamous Pinkberry frozen yogurt ice cream with some fresh toppings.

As we were driving back, we were just sharing stories and laughing together.

Everything is so much better with friends.

AMI Leadership Summit Reflections

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We finished off the summit this afternoon. I think many of the participants would agree with me and say that this was one of the better conferences in AMI. Just having Reggie McNeil with us and even affirm what we are doing as AMI was huge. It was a tremendous confirmation of what God is trying to do in our lives.

In the closing message I shared about how we need faith to move forward to our future. Whenever there are paradigm-shifting experiences in our lives, we have to learn how to trust in God and step out in faith.

This summit was one of those paradigm-shifting experiences!

Now we have to step out in faith and start living out the principles. We also need to start implementing the lessons in our various churches.

For some reason, in this summit the relationships went deeper and there was a great bond between the leaders in the various churches. I realized this is what happens when there is a great vision and great people to carry out the vision.

I am just humbled to know that I have the privilege of being part of something this great.