Elliot’s B-Day Dinner

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Today was Elliot’s official birthday so the family and I went out to celebrate it together. It is becoming our tradition to allow the birthday person to select the restaurant they want to go to. Elliot chose Macaroni Grill. Later, Elliot told us that he chose that place because they have the best chocolate cake – and they DO! It is pretty incredible.

With each passing birthday for the kids, it is a reminder that they are growing up quickly. These times will never come again… therefore, I am trying to make the most of them now.
Elliot and cake1.jpg
  The birthday boy is eyeing the delicious birthday cake
Elliot and cake2.jpg
  As you can tell… Elliot approves! He is savoring every bite.
Elliot's B-day - Family.jpg
  The little one on the left is wondering when it will be her turn – HA!

2007 TC Summit Update 2

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Even thought we had to take a break from the summit due to the Sunday Celebration and the church-wide picnic, we finished off well. In fact, I communicated to the leaders that part of the leadership training was learning how to serve as well as reaching out to the other parts of our church community.

We gathered together for the last session and I gave an exhortation about how this year we will need a heart of fortitude, faithfulness, and faith. Then, we spent some time in prayer for the church and also for one another.

There is a sense of “newness” in the air. The foundation is laid and now we need to put a lot of these things into practice.

It really does feel like a new season.

We signed on some rookies, released some players, and we made some trades and now we are set for a championship year.