Elliot’s 7th B-Day Party

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Various

We celebrated Elliot’s 7th year birthday at Jump City. It is a kid’s paradise. There are inflatable structures that kids are able to slide down on and even jump around in.

As a parent, it was such a joy to see Elliot so happy. Since he is such a relational person, you could just tell that having all his friends at this fun place made his day.

I ended up playing some basketball in one of the inflatable stations – I thought I was going to die! Too much exercise for one week… ha!

We then had some snacks and a Cold Stone birthday cake. Then the big moment of opening up all the presents came. It was cute how they had a huge inflatable chair where the birthday boy would sit and open the presents.

I think this will be a birthday to remember for Elliot!

Here are some pictures:
Elliot's 7th B-day1.jpg
Ready, set, geronimo!
Elliot's 7th B-day2.jpg
They had gladiator style games – it was crazy!
Elliot's 7th B-day3.jpg
They also did a relay… you got to love the intensity on Elliot’s face.
Elliot's 7th B-day5.jpg
The Jump City King on his throne.