Karissa’s First Soccer Debut

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Today, Karissa started her first soccer game… or shall I say soccer amoeba (the kids move together like a blob towards the ball).

It was a bit sad because I had to miss it due to the leadership summit. But I made sure that Christina took a lot of pictures.

The best part was when I found out that Karissa scored 3 goals – her soccer career is looking bright.

Here are some pictures:
KiKi's Soccer.jpg
What’s up dude… girls can play just as tough!
KiKi's Soccer2.jpg
The girl got some skills – 3 goals baby!

2007 TC Summit Update

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We had an awesome time of worship as we finished off our first night of our leadership summit. I talked about Jesus’ parable on new wineskins for new wine. God wants to do a new thing and we need a new mindset in order to get to where God wants us to be.

We also had a great time of personal prayer. This is something we have been missing in the leadership in the last few years. It is getting harder for people to persevere in prayer. But last night, we were building a higher tolerance level for persistent prayer.

As long as we are building our foundation on prayer, we have a good prospect for the coming year.