Junior Class Gathering

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Roots - Class of 2008.JPG
It is always encouraging when a whole class sets up an appointment to meet up with me. I love meeting up with college students. Today I had the opportunity to meet up with the Junior Class (a.k.a. Roots).

They really had a servant’s attitude as they prepared a mini-breakfast for everyone and they also had one of my favorite Starbucks drink ready for me when I got there. I just ended up sharing my heart with them and then left it open for some questions. I hope they enjoyed listening as much as I loved talking :-)

Every class that comes through our church is special but this class is unique… within the past 3 years they went through a lot things together, especially this year. Many times God allows us to experience things together because He has a purpose for us in the future.

The class challenge is still on – let’s see which class will have the most sign-ups for OCR.
Roots - Class of 2008 - gangsta.JPG
Our gansta picture – as you can tell some people are a little bit more natural at it!

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