Blast from the Past

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Our family hosted another pastor’s family in town for dinner yesterday. There is always a special connection with pastor’s families. It is a unique calling – unique struggles and unique stress. It was nice seeing Karissa playing with their daughter… they decided to play with all the toy food products and princess dresses. I think the boys were a bit bored… ha!

As we were sitting around our dinner table, we reminiscent about our past. The pastor, Christina and I all went to University of Illinois – but more than that we were all in the same small group. I was the leader of that small group, Christina was the co-leader and he was a member – that was about 16 years ago! Now, we are all in ministry, serving the Lord and building God’s Kingdom here in Ann Arbor.

I have said this many times before but – “never burn the bridges of relationships because you never know when you will have to cross it again.”

Grad Luncheon 2007

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I wanted to give some props to the FOCUS (single adult ministry) members who sacrifice their time and energy to serve the recent graduates. It was encouraging to see the single adults in our church serving and blazing the trail of investment in the next generation of single adults.

A thought on the auction game that we played:

If the premise of the game was to use the limited resources (candy) that we had to invest in things (i.e. computer, diamond ring, lifetime fitness membership, etc) that are importance to us, where does the church come into the picture?

We are all given 24 hours in a day… how much of that time is used to invest in God’s Kingdom?

We are all given a certain amount of financial resources… how much of it is used to invest in God’s Kingdom?

We are all given various talents and skills… how do we decide to use it for God’s Kingdom?

Time, treasure and talent… the resources we have to use to make our lives count so that we can leave a legacy. I guess only time will tell how well we lived our lives from God’s perspective. I am praying that this group of graduates will continue the tradition of many HMCC graduates in the past who are making their lives count all over the world with their time, treasure and talents.