The Circle of Life

Author: sethskim  |  Category: Values

Yesterday, we had dinner with my parents. I was just thinking how a lot of things in life come full circle. When we are born, we are completely dependent on our parents to take care of us. Then, we go through the process of maturity where we learn how to be less dependent on our parents and become more independent (self-sustaining).

We wanted to bless my parents with a good seafood meal (which they haven’t had for a long time). Then the discussion went back and forth about how they felt bad that we had to pay for it. They argued that since they are the parents, they should pay. But I quickly enlightened them that they are retired and that they had no money to pay for everyone.

Then their first son went on this important teaching about humility and learning how to receive from people. Since their whole life was a life of sacrifice and giving, now they needed to learn how to receive from their children.

My sister and brother and I are trying our best to take care of them in their latter years.

This is always a sore spot for me – that I cannot support them as much as I would want to at this stage. Oh well, another day of surrendering everything to God.

April Snow?

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It is SNOWING in Chicago right now! This is ridiculous.
It feels like it is December.

Always expect the unexpected… a principle in life.

I am wondering if this is how some of the people in the Bible felt when God performed a miracle that no one ever expected.