Spring Break in Chicago

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Our kids are on Spring Break right now. We drove to Chicago right after the Easter Celebration in Ann Arbor. After some time in the Chicago church (they even had an Easter Banquet), the kids were dying to see their grandparents.

We will be here throughout the week. The schedule is already all pack with all the things that the kids want to do – they are taking over!

Every single moment with the kids is precious – Christina and I want to keep on building memories for them.

2007 Easter

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Easter Marquee.jpg
There are times when you just need to take a step back and realize all the great things that God is doing. Yesterday, we saw God do what He does best – transform lives. I am so privileged to pastor people who are passionate about God’s Kingdom. They are so passionate that they did whatever it took to make Easter Sunday Celebration a success.

Many of our members put in long hours into the various presentations and set up for the celebration. Some of the statistics are still coming in but I am confident that many people committed and re-committed their lives to Christ – truly a “yea God” moment!

This is a testimony to the fact that church is not a building, but a community of people who are in love with Jesus and who are passionate about seeing many more people join in on the fun. We transformed the historical Michigan Theater into a “holy ground” where the Holy Spirit was able to work in the hearts of people.
Easter Michtheater.jpg
Hmm… maybe we can have all our Sunday Celebrations here – it would be free advertisement!